Taylor Lautner Went Full Sharkboy Mode At The Taylor Swift Eras Tour Movie & Sir This Is A Cinema

Taylor Swift‘s best ex-boyfriend, Taylor Lautner, was spotted doing flips, tricks, dips and twists at a Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie screening and I am obsessed.

According to Billboard, the Twilight actor was flipping his shit in what is seemingly a private viewing (oh, how the other half live) of the Swiftie movie.

Now, bear with me ‘cos there are about three Taylors I’m about to mention, or as I like to call it, the holy Taylor Trinity: Taylor Dome, who is married to Taylor Lautner, posted a video of her hubby doing all sorts of tricks to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour rendition of “Karma”.

For those who love it when Lautner locks into Sharkboy mode, Dome posted two perspectives of the trickster on her Instagram Story.

One of them was a repost from a friend, who wrote: “Best hosts @TAYLORLAUTNER @TAYLAUTNER he’s still got it”.

Another angle was from Dome’s perspective, in which she wrote: “Karma is my husband.”

Ugh, I love it when the holy Taylor Trinity link up and show support for each other.

Although some Swifties found it totally hilarious, other fans weren’t too pleased with the actor’s actions.

One Xer user even accused the actor of “nostalgia baiting” through Swift as their previous relationship and current friendship is beloved by fans.

But honestly, I think old mate is just having some fun. I don’t think “Karma” is a backflip song, but hey, each to their own.

This isn’t the first time Lautner has done a bunch of flips out of appreciation for his ex.

In early July, Lautner pulled a P!nk and did a bunch of flips when he was invited on the actual Eras Tour stage. In case you’re not too sure why he was invited on stage, Swift surprised her fans by bringing out Lautner, Joey King and Presley Cash as they starred in her “I Can See You (Taylor’s Version)” music video.

After the announcement was made, Swift posted a behind-the-scenes snap of the Taylor Trinity recreating the Spider-Man pointing meme.

(Image source: Instagram / @taylorswift)

I’m not even the biggest Swiftie, but I can appreciate a good tune and a good friendship.

Fingers crossed the Taylor Trinity never dies.