Everyone’s Losing Their Fkn Minds Over JLo & Shakira’s Horny AF Super Bowl Halftime Show

It’s been a contentious point of the NFL’s big game for the last few years, but it’s pretty safe to say that the Super Bowl halftime show for 2020 was one of the best we’ve seen in a long time.

Headlined by both Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, it was a perfect blend of wildly and wonderfully horny content, dancefloor nostalgia, and just a really fucking fun time. And as expected, folks around the world are losing their fucking minds about it.



I mean, the halftime show included: Shakira playing guitar, JLo singing while pole dancing, Shakira playing drums, a children’s choir singing, a huge fluffy Puerta Rican flag, a feature from JLo’s daughter, Shakira crowd surfing, and so much ass shaking I didn’t know where to look at any point in time. The talent! The talent!!!!


And Shakira, inexplicably, did this.


And is getting memed to high heavens for it.

But really, can we just take one moment to note that not only is this incredible representation for Latina women on a massive stage, but the fact that JLo is 50 and Shakira turned 43 on the day of the Super Bowl halftime show just proves that you do not get less sexy as you age.

I’m going to watch this whole show on every birthday, just to remind myself that I’m still hot as hell. Feel free to do the same.

Bad Bunny made a short appearance to slam down his verse from ‘I Like It’ while Cardi B watched on from the good seats and it’s looking like it’s Shakira’s song now, I’m very sorry.

Just put aside a good ten minutes to watch, and then process, everything in this Super Bowl halftime show. You are welcome, and I am so sorry that you might need to go stand outside in the fresh hair for a bit afterwards.