A Schooner Of Beer At This Year’s Super Bowl Costs A Truly Outrageous $21

In a very real sense, if you’ve got the cash to not only secure a ticket to the Super Bowl but travel to the city the game’s in while forking out for Super Bowl weekend accommodation, you’re more than likely gonna have enough left over to sink a few Championship-level froth dogs without worrying too much about cash. But even still, beer prices at this year’s Super Bowl are at truly eye-watering levels by anyone’s standard, and it’s wrinkling more than a few eyebrows.

This year’s Super Bowl is currently taking place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. And prices at the concession stand are at true Florida levels in the sense that they’re ridiculous and probably shouldn’t exist.

Social media posts from inside the stadium today show just how much punters are being forced to fork out for an ice cold drink and/or a bit of a feed, and it ain’t a pretty sight.

For those of you keeping score at home, that’s a 16oz (ie a shade over a standard schooner) bottle of Bud Lite at USD$14, which converts to about $20.90 in Australian dollars. Per beer. That’s one beer, less than a pint, for $20.90.

A “domestic draft beer” – ordinarily something like Budweiser – is the budget option at the big game at AUD$17.93. Meanwhile if you’re feeling fancy you can get something “imported” (read: Modelo or Stella Artois) for AUD$22.40.

Food options aren’t that much better either.

A fairly bog-standard BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich is the most economical option at the game, retailing at USD$12 (AUD$17.92).

For the vegetarians at the game, an Impossible Burger with fries runs to USD$20 or AUD$29.86.

And if you’re feeling particularly well off, you can snag something called a “Stone Crab Claw Cocktail” for a whopping USD$85.00. That’s $126.90 in Australian dollars. Which is…. berserk, honestly.

Although our pick of the bunch is the Calle Ocho Cubano Sausage. It might have a USD$35 (AUD$52.26) price tag, but it’s 18 inches long and looks capable of feeding you for a month.

It’s worth noting that the concession prices are set by the stadium, and stand in stark contrast to last year’s Super Bowl in New Orleans, where giant 20oz cups of beer set punters back a comparatively bargain USD$9 (AUD$13.44).

Image: Getty Images/Mike Ehrmann

Still, taking out a second mortgage just to get pissed at the Super Bowl? Christ you’d wanna hope your team gets up.