J.Lo And Shakira’s Halftime Show Copped 1300 Complaints, As If No One’s Seen A Butt Before

Jennifer Lopez, Shakira

In proof that Super Bowl viewers are an easily-offended bunch, the US Federal Communications Commission has revealed that it received more than 1,300 complaints about the recent halftime show by Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

It seems that the viewers at home did not want to peek Underneath Shakira’s Clothes. They had an Objection (Tango) to the more risque elements of the performance. The saw what was happening and said No. You could even say they went a bit Loca.

I’m sorry, everyone, it’s just that I’ve been sitting on these Shakira jokes for a really long time and I really needed to get them out. I’m done now. Wait. Some might say the backlash to the halftime show was Inevitable. Now I’m done.

ANYWAY. As you may recall, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira performed a medley of their greatest hits at the Super Bowl, busting out classics like ‘She Wolf‘, ‘Hips Don’t Lie‘, ‘Waiting For Tonight‘, ‘On The Floor‘ and ‘Let’s Get Loud‘.

It was a fun and colourful pop show with all the expected frills, many of them on the singers’ respective outfits. You can go ahead and watch it below in case you missed it:

Per a New York Times report, a number of punters were SCANALISED by what they saw, labelling the performance as “obscene”, “too revealing”, “highly indecent”, “raunchy” and “pornographic.” One viewer complained that the broadcast was “WAY to close showing cleavage and butts.”

One viewer complaint just read “Jennifer Lopez”, which is vague but still somehow quite hurtful.

One missive from Kansas read: “There needs to be limits imposed on the amount of buttocks revealed and shaken in front of the camera, and an end to the simulated sex acts of male/female grinding.” This complaint was presumably not courtesy of a Mr Seymour Butts.

“ASS SHAKEN AND VULGAR COSTUMES NOT GOOD FOR YOUTH TO VIEW!” said viewer from Texas, seemingly pretty shaken themselves.

While Jennifer Lopez and Shakira certainly offended their share of viewers, their 1,300 complaints are nothing in comparison with the 540,000 that the FCC received after Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake‘s infamous “wardrobe malfunction” incident in 2004.