Sophie Cachia Says She Won’t Tolerate ‘Half-Assed Love’ Anymore Which Is Surely A Dig At Old Mate

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Following her wild split from ex-fiancée Madeleine “Maddie” Garrick, Survivor star and Aussie influencer Sophie Cachia is now looking for different things in a relationship.

In an interview with Mamamia, with whom she’s soon to launch a podcast, the influencer all but mentions her ex as she discusses what she does and doesn’t want in a partner going forward.

She says she has “learned a lot out of this,” presumably referring to the split.

“I already have everything I need in my life to be happy,” she said, referring to her children and career.

She then said she doesn’t even want a partner unless that person is going to “complement” her life.

“I am really enjoying right now, for the first time in what feels like a very long time, that my energy is just mine,” she said.

“I am not going to tolerate half-assed love in my life anymore, I am just not going to do it.”

Half-assed love? That’s surely a reference to her ex, right?

Watch the snippet below:

The influencer couple announced their split in October 2022 and haven’t been shy about the demise of their relationship since then.

Cachia previously told The Herald Sun that she was extremely close to getting pregnant via sperm donor and then the breakup happened. Ouch.

“We’d done the whole sperm donation, the waiting list. Pretty much now I’m at the top of the list,” Cachia said.

“To get so close and then have that [split] happen, it not only affects my relationship but it affects my future being a mum as well.

“It’s such a big process to go through now for it to be taken away from me.”

According to Cachia, she was “supposed to be getting pregnant in January.”

Sophie Cachia also spoke about her split from Maddie Garrick in the interview, saying that towards the end she “felt things were not right.”

“I am a very fluid open-minded person, which means honesty and communication,” she said.

Just to jog your memory, before the end of the relationship, Maddie Garrick moved to Florence to work with local basketball club Polisportiva A.Galli Basket, where sources claimed she found a new girlfriend.

“Maddie had started dating someone in her Italy basketball team, and when Sophie went over, Mads tried to hide it but soon confessed to Sophie,” a source claiming to be close to the couple told So Dramatic! in November.

“They definitely were not in an open relationship.

“Maddie is still dating the girl in her Italy Basketball team too!”

Cachia revealed that she will soon be launching a podcast with Mamamia this year. I am almost certain there will be more tea about her former relo there.