Sophie Cachia Announces Her Split From Fiancée Maddie Garrick Via A Spicy Instagram Story

sophie cachia maddie garrick

Aussie influencer and former Survivor star Sophie Cachia has announced the end of her relationship with Madeleine “Maddie” Garrick via her Instagram story.

The couple got engaged in March this year, and this split has come out of bloody nowhere just seven months later.

On her Instagram story, Cachia seemed to insinuate the breakdown of “loyalty” and “trust”, which is interesting.

“It is with sadness and a great deal of pain that I have unfortunately made the decision to end my relationship,” she wrote.

“When I proposed, I did it with the guarantee of loyalty, trust, honesty and respect from my end.

“Despite the great deal of love I still hold, I have made this decision to lead by example for what I know I deserve in life for myself, and for my children — because we are all worthy.”

Of course Cachia isn’t going to go into explicit detail about the split when the feelings are still so raw, but she definitely gave enough info for her followers to read between the lines.

Garrick moved to Florence last month to begin working with the local basketball club Polisportiva A.Galli Basket. The two were committed to making the long-distance work for them.

“While I am hurting, life must go on,” Cachia continued in the story post.

“I still have to show up for work with my businesses and most importantly be a mum and role model to my two children.

“This is unfortunately a position I really didn’t want to be in. Therefore, I beg of you, please let me be, to protect my children and my mental health and allow us to heal and move forward.”

Cachia finished the message by saying she would not be commenting any further on the matter.

She has two children, Florence (five) and Bobby (eight) who she shares with her ex-husband Jaryd Cachia.

“I had a beautiful man in my life, and I still do,” Sophie Cachia told the No Filter podcast in 2020.

“He’s an incredible father and an incredible friend to me but why can’t women seek more?”

“That married life I realised wasn’t what I wanted. And it wasn’t that I realised, ‘Oh, I like women now, I’m going to leave my marriage,’ it wasn’t that; I realised I wanted more.”

Cachia announced the split from Garrick moments before launching a new line of PJs in her store, which is genius marketing if you ask me.