Looks Like Sophie Cachia’s Ex Maddie Garrick Just Soft-Launched Her New Italian Boo

maddie garrick sophie cachia soft launch instagram

Former Survivor star and Aussie influencer Sophie Cachia‘s ex-girlfriend Madeleine “Maddie” Garrick has seemingly soft-launched her new partner in a wholesome set of Instagram posts that have left folks connecting the dots.

In case you missed it, Cachia announced her split from Garrick via a spicy set of Instagram stories insinuating the breakdown of “loyalty” and “trust” in their relationship.

Before the end of the relationship, Garrick moved to Florence to begin working with the local basketball club Polisportiva A.Galli Basket, where sources claimed she found a new girlfriend.

Garrick recently posted a set of cute pics with a member of her basketball team Sára Varga. The pair could just be really close friends, so take it all with a grain of salt.

Varga also posted a set of pictures with Garrick captioning the post “Toscana is just something special. Thank you for the day, Maddie Garrick!”

Garrick commented on the post saying “there she is!” with a love-eyes emoji.

My detective hat is on but I refuse to draw conclusions at this time. Everything is just so messy at the moment.

A source claiming to be close to the couple told So Dramatic! last week that Garrick allegedly cheated on Cachia with a member of the Italian basketball team she’s now playing on. Remember this is all just goss at the moment, as the claims haven’t been confirmed by Garrick or Cachia.

“Maddie had started dating someone in her Italy basketball team, and when Sophie went over, Mads tried to hide it but soon confessed to Sophie,” the source claimed.

“They definitely were not in an open relationship.

“Maddie is still dating the girl in her Italy Basketball team too!”

“Sophie turned up anyway and immediately got wind that something was up,” she continued to claim.

“They all went out to a team dinner, and Maddie was extremely uncomfortable because she was also sleeping with someone on the team.”

Until either party say something about this whole drama I will just sit here, sip my tea and look at these posts as any normal person would. Sure it’s interesting how everything is adding up, but it might just be a case of coincidence.

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