Sophie Cachia Reveals She Was About To Have A Baby With Maddie Garrick Before ‘Shock’ Split

sophie cachia maddie garrick baby

Former Survivor star and Aussie influencer Sophie Cachia has given a spicy new interview about her split from ex-fiancée Madeleine “Maddie” Garrick. The tea from this relationship really just keeps on flowing, doesn’t it?

Despite the fact that this influencer couple announced their split in October, there are apparently still things we can learn about why the relationship fell apart and what was going on behind closed doors.

Need I remind you that although there is heavy speculation that Maddie Garrick cheated on Sophie Cachia, neither party member has confirmed such a thing. Maybe someone will talk about that in a February tell-all.

The recent tea? Sophie was extremely close to getting pregnant via sperm donor and then the breakup happened. Ouch.

“We’d done the whole sperm donation, the waiting list. Pretty much now I’m at the top of the list,” Cachia told the Herald Sun.

“To get so close and then have that [split] happen, it not only affects my relationship but it affects my future being a mum as well.

“It’s such a big process to go through now for it to be taken away from me.”

According to Cachia, she was “supposed to be getting pregnant in January.”

Cachia also spoke about her split from Maddie in the interview, saying that towards the end she “felt things were not right.”

“I am a very fluid open-minded person, which means honesty and communication,” she said.

Just to jog your memory, before the end of the relationship, Maddie Garrick moved to Florence to work with local basketball club Polisportiva A.Galli Basket, where sources claimed she found a new girlfriend.

“Maddie had started dating someone in her Italy basketball team, and when Sophie went over, Mads tried to hide it but soon confessed to Sophie,” a source claiming to be close to the couple told So Dramatic! in November.

“They definitely were not in an open relationship.

“Maddie is still dating the girl in her Italy Basketball team too!”

Cachia revealed that she will soon be launching a podcast with Mamamia this year. I am almost certain there will be more tea about her former relo there.

I am living for this slow drip of info about this breakup. We the people really don’t need to know anything about their personal lives, and yet here we are with all this tea.