Sophie Cachia’s Mates Spilled Bulk Tea About Why She And Her Fiancée Split & It’s Spicy As Hell

sophie cachia maddie garrick

Anonymous sources claiming to be close to Aussie influencer and former Survivor star Sophie Cachia have revealed why exactly she suddenly announced a split from fiancée Madeleine “Maddie” Garrick via Instagram story. Strap yourselves in because the tea is ludicrously hot.

Two sources claiming to be friends of the couple sat down with gossip shepherd So Dramatic! to reveal the “truth” behind the shock split.

Cachia and Garrick themselves haven’t yet revealed the reason behind their split, so it’s important that we take all this with a big grain of salt — it’s all claims and rumours right now.

Both sources claimed that after Garrick moved to Florence to begin working with the local basketball club Polisportiva A.Galli Basket, she also began working very closely with one of her teammates. What happens in Florence will never stay in Florence. Those nonnas are like surveillance cameras and gossip fiends rolled into one.

The first anon tea spiller claimed that Sophie’s sister and fellow Survivor star KJ Austin was her source of information.

“Can confirm Sophie’s sister KJ is telling people Maddie cheated on her,” they claimed.

“She found out by checking through her phone when they were in Italy.”

However, the source claimed that Sophie and her sister “had a falling out after Survivor,” so there’s a good chance this is just some vicious rumour.

The second tea whisperer who spoke to So Dramatic! doubled down on the cheating angle though and claimed that Garrick had quite a fun time in Florence.

“Maddie had started dating someone in her Italy basketball team, and when Sophie went over, Mads tried to hide it but soon confessed to Sophie,” the source claimed.

“They definitely were not in an open relationship.

“Maddie is still dating the girl in her Italy Basketball team too!”

If all these rumours are true, it seems Garrick has a thing for Italians, and as one myself I cannot blame her. If it’s true she cheated on Cachia though, that’s pretty suckish. The pair were only away from each other for like a month.

“Sophie turned up anyway and immediately got wind that something was up,” the second source continued to claim.

“They all went out to a team dinner, and Maddie was extremely uncomfortable because she was also sleeping with someone on the team.”

If you can recall, Sophie Cachia’s break-up announcement alluded to the breakdown of trust in the relationship.

Cachia also has a daughter named Florence, which is unfortunate given these new alleged circumstances. Congrats to Bobby, who will briefly become the favourite child.