OOF: Sophie Cachia Is Sharing Cryptic IG Posts About Her Breakup & I Cannot Look Away

sophie cachia cryptic instagram post maddie garrick

Former Survivor star and Aussie influencer Sophie Cachia has posted a cryptic poem on her Instagram page about being fucked over, adding another page to what is fast becoming the most fascinating break-up story in Australian history.

Cachia announced her sudden split from fiancée Madeleine “Maddie” Garrick back in October via some spicy posts.

Since then we’ve had friends of the couple spill goss about why they split and a few posts from Garrick that seem to be soft-launching her new Italian girlfriend.

Now we’ve reached the “cryptic Instagram story” stage of the breakup. Everyone’s been there, so I don’t want to see any judgy eyes.

Cachia shared a poem from famous poet R.M. Drake about a special person in your life doing things that they know will hurt you and not caring. A subtle poem to share post-split.

“They knew exactly what they were doing to you,” the poem read.

“They knew exactly how much it was going to hurt. How much it was going to bring you down.”

The spicy part however comes near the end.

“And what’s even harder to swallow is the fact that they knew and yet, they still went along with it.

“Some people just don’t care. Some people will fuck you over and act as if nothing ever happened. At all.”

Damn. Now I’m wishing I sent my teenage “poetry” to a publisher. It sounded just like this.

sophie cachia maddie garrick instagram post
We love a clue.

Just in case you missed it, Cachia recently spoke to The Herald Sun about her sudden break-up from Garrick, making it known to fans that she harbours no hard feelings towards her ex.

“While breakups are sad for everyone, I have chosen to have a really positive mindset and I have peace knowing we shared a wonderful few years together and I wish her all the best both personally and professionally overseas,” she said.

“Every challenge in life will provide you with a lesson.

“You can either choose to stay the same, or grow from it, and I promised myself I’d never let anyone break me again.”

Cachia made it clear, however, that she will still not be speaking about why the split happened just yet.

“I could play the poor me card, or I could look at the life I’ve built — I have two incredible children, a beautiful home and a wonderful career. I really have everything I need.”

If it wasn’t for all of the context clues we’ve received so far I would be very confused at this point. But then again I kind of froth the idea of celebs being incredibly vague about their personal lives and feeding their fans tiny crumbs and clues — makes me feel like Sherlock Holmes… or Hansel and Gretel.