Sam Frost returned to Instagram last night after yeeting herself off the app following her anti-vaxxer statements that were dripping in white privilege.

“Thank you for the enormous amount of support and love over the past few weeks,” she shared on Instagram.

“I received thousands and thousands of beautiful messages and emails. I appreciate it, more than you’ll ever know.

“Incredibly grateful for my friends, family and work colleagues who held my hand through the storm, and loved me unconditionally.”

She added: “Kindness always wins. With all of my heart, thank you.”

Daily Mail Australia reported that Sam shared the Instagram Story on Wednesday, but I’ve just jumped onto her ‘gram and I can no longer see it, so it appears that she may have deleted it.

She subsequently shared the following post of her fresh hair:

ICYMI: The former Bachelorette turned Home & Away star admitted to not being vaccinated in a viral IGTV that was really not the serve she probably thought it was gonna be.

In the video, she asked people to be kind to anti-vaxxers and said the current vaccination rules are creating a “segregated” society, which copped her a heap of backlash from followers and celebs, including Matt Agnew and Abbie Chatfield.

Seven, the network which houses Home & Away, drew criticism after defending Frost in a statement via Daily Mail Australia: “Seven strongly encourages vaccination for all our people and all Seven productions strictly adhere to the public health Covid-19 safe protocols.

“All Home and Away cast and crew also undertake Covid-19 testing three times a week in addition to other preventative measures.”

The statement went on to address Sam Frost directly, writing: “Sam Frost continues to work on Home and Away and follows the safety protocols in place.”

Matt Agnew’s response, however, scored him mass praise: “Sam Frost has opened up with a lengthy monologue about being unvaccinated,” he began.

“At it’s (sic) simplest, it’s a dog whistle. I don’t want to add to the pile on. What I do want to do is just discuss and challenge a few of the points that were put forward.”

He also called out the hypocrisy of asking for empathy without displaying it to those vulnerable to COVID, before explaining how shit it was for a white woman to use the term “segregation” to describe hostility towards anti-vaxxers.

Head here to suss Matt’s full response.