Matt Agnew Debunked Sam Frost’s Vaccination Claims In The Politest Insta Take-Down Ever

matt Agnew and sam frost

Local astrophysicist and ex-Bachelor science daddy Dr Matt Agnew has debunked Sam Frost‘s anti-vaxxer defence on Instagram, after she revealed she won’t be getting vaccinated against COVID.

In case you missed it, Former Bachelorette turned Home & Away star Sam Frost posted an IGTV video asking people to be kind to anti-vaxxers, who she claimed were being treated as “less than human”. She also compared anti-vaxxer experiences to “segregation”. Yeah, she went there.

Obviously, the post received massive backlash, since having to wait a month longer for the same freedoms as vaccinated people in NSW is hardly comparable to the systemic racism and abuse experienced by Black people during segregation in America and South Africa. *Editor’s note: it’s been pointed out to us that Australia was left out of this list. We apologise for that oversight. It’s absolutely true, segregation and slavery in Australia are often ignored and forgotten.

Frost has since deleted her Instagram account.

Now, Matt Agnew has uploaded his own Instagram post breaking down the issues presented in Sam Frost’s video, and it’s nothing but facts.

“Sam Frost has opened up with a lengthy monologue about being unvaccinated,” he began.

“At it’s (sic) simplest, it’s a dog whistle. I don’t want to add to the pile on. What I do want to do is just discuss and challenge a few of the points that were put forward.”

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The post then goes on to list elements of the video that Agnew wanted to challenge, including the approved reasons for being exempt from COVID vaccinations:

* There are NOT a lot of different reasons why someone shouldn’t be getting vaccinated. There is one reason: medical. And that is a rather broad reason too. It encompasses many things including immunocompromised individuals, people that may experience anaphylaxis to particular components of the vaccines, and (in the case of *live* vaccines) pregnant women.

* An appeal to show compassion and empathy was made, while displaying none of those characteristics by choosing to put the lives of those who *can not* get vaccinated at risk. Anti-vaxxers often skip this step. You are affecting others.

* The use of the word, ‘segregation’, is inappropriate considering the historical significance of the word. It should not be used haphazardly when it carries such immense weight and meaning to others.

* With a social media presence, there comes a social and moral obligation. Misinformation is a hugely problematic issue, and the unregulated proliferation of information through people with large social media followings is a large contributor to that.

He then called out the hypocrisy of asking for empathy without displaying it to those vulnerable to COVID, before explaining how inappropriate it is to use a loaded term like “segregation” to describe hostility towards anti-vaxxers.

Agnew concluded his post by saying that people who have a large social media presence have a responsibility not to spread misinformation.

Honestly, with the amount of influencers and reality TV stars exposing their anti-vaxxer beliefs, I’m glad we have this voice of reason. Go off king!!

All adult Aussies are currently able to get vaccinated against COVID-19.
Click here to see find vaccination clinics near you, and talk to a doctor about your options.
Remember, the best vaccine is the first one you can get, and that’ll be our ticket out of this mess.