It Seems Former Bachelorette Sam Frost Has Nuked Her Socials After Outing Herself As Unvaxxed

Sam Frost

Former Bachelorette turned Home & Away star Sam Frost has admitted to not being vaccinated in an IGTV. In the video, she asks people to be kind to anti-vaxxers and says the current vaccination rules are creating a “segregated” society. However, after a tonne of backlash, it appears the reality star has nuked her social media and the video.

Before we dive into Frost’s video, it’s important to note that in NSW (where Frost is currently residing for the filming of Home & Away) unvaccinated people will be able to enter bars/clubs/cafes etc from December 1. This is to ensure the healthcare system isn’t overrun with hospitalisations when the state opens up and has to inevitably live with COVID. So this “segregation” will only last over a month, in comparison to say the apartheid in South Africa or segregation in 20th century America — which lasted much longer than a month.

Anyway, now that that’s cleared up, let’s look at why Frost feels like she is being treated like “less of a human”.

“I was really hesitant about doing a video or even speaking up about this sort of thing, but I feel like it’s getting to a point now in the world where there’s a lot of segregation, a lot of harsh judgment, and its taking its toll on my mental health,” a teary-eyed Frost said on Instagram.

“There are a lot of different reasons people aren’t getting vaccinated – and it might be because of their medical history, the concerns they might have, they might have family history, it might be religious reasons, whatever.

“I want to tell those people that feel like they’re getting separated from society – well, I’m not vaccinated, and there’s a reason why I’m not, I’ve spoken to my doctor and my psychologist about it, and I’m going to keep it private.

“It’s a really hard time to be in society right now, you feel like you are less of a human and you feel like people judge you, and you’re too scared to talk about your opinion or your feelings, and part of you wants to go, ‘Well, it’s none of your damn business why I’m not [vaccinated].’”

Former contestant on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise Abbie Chatfield criticised Frost in an Instagram post, sarcastically writing that it was “so brave to ‘come out’ as putting yourself as an individual above your community because you listen to misinformation.”

In response to Chatfield’s post, one person commented: “My heart goes out to all the nurses, doctors and front line workers who have to sit and listen to people being ‘brave’ while really just enabling people to not put their own and their communities health first.”

It now appears that Sam Frost has not only deleted the video, but nuked her Instagram.

For more information on how to get vaccinated if you haven’t already, click here to find a clinic near you.