H&A Icon Lynne McGranger AKA Irene Has Shared Some Tea On Sam Frost’s Future On The Show

irene sam frost

Lynne McGranger, who plays the iconic Irene Roberts on Home and Away, has opened up about her thoughts about Sam Frost and her anti-vaxxer malarkey that’s been going off on her previously nuked Instagram in the last couple of months.

Sitting down with Fitzy & Wippa for an interview to promote her new autobiography, ‘Acting Up: Me, Myself and Irene’ (iconic title tbh), McGranger was asked about her colleague Sam Frost, who will be temporarily written out of Home and Away until she’s fully vaxxed, per new orders from Seven.

“Everyone is very supportive of Sam,” she told the radio duo.

“We all might have differing opinions but that’s one thing about the cast and crew, is that we are supportive, and the great news is that she has arrived at a resolution and she will see that through and she may take a few weeks off either at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year.”

Fitzy then asked McGranger if Frost confided in her during this time, and to this, McGranger answered:

“Yeah, she did, as a matter of fact.

“She is great. I think she has arrived with a solution and she realises that everybody supports that, and we don’t want to lose her because we love her and she is really, I personally think, she’s a great little actress and a lovely person.”

Much to think about Irene, thank you.

In a statement shared on Frost’s Insta, via So Dramatic!, the actress clarified that she’s not leaving Home and Away permanently, but will be away from the set until she gets fully vaccinated in mid-late February.

“I’m not leaving Home and Away,” she said.

“I’ve got a medical procedure booked in for January. So I won’t be fully vaxxed until mid-late February.

“I will be written out temporarily, Jazzy is going on an off-screen adventure for a few weeks… but I’ll be back.

“My bosses are amazing, we’ve been in open communication for months. Very grateful we were able to make a plan that works for everyone.”

Well, despite all the fkd drama, it looks like everything’s all sunny in Summer Bay.

Interesting that everyone’s so accommodating and forgiving of someone who was so openly anti-vaxx in the past.