Blake Lively Copped The Shittest Valentine’s Day Pressie From Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively Valentine's Day Troll

I’m one of those people who thinks Valentine’s Day is suuuper lame, until a cute celeb couple does something cute and then I’m like ‘OH MY GOD CUTE!’. This year, that moment came courtesy of Ryan Reynolds, who together with Blake Lively make up one of my favourite famous people couplings. They’re always being hilarious on social media and I love them for it.

Plus, the pair of them are impossibly hot.

SO hot.

Anyway, I digress. For Valentine’s Day 2018, Ryan took to the ‘gram to show off a culinary masterpiece that he created for his wife Blake.

On first glance it looks delicious, but there is a slight catch: it could potentially kill her. Or at least, make her very ill.

Behold the cake below:

Of course, he’s probably (definitely) joking. I don’t think he really created a cake with glue. But it’s that classic Ryan vs Blake trolling that we’ve come to love about this pair, who are constantly trading gentle barbs over Instagram.

I’ll just be over here eagerly awaiting Blake’s response.