Blake Lively Returns Serve To Ryan Reynolds’ Infamous Birthday Tweet

Ryan Reynolds has an extremely punchable face, but there’s no question that the dude is funny. You can’t help it. You kinda want to hate him (maybe just me?) and then he does something like this* and you go, “Fuck it, I’m in. Team Reynolds, baby.”

*And by this, we mean his iconic birthday tweet to his wife and baby mumma Blake Lively.

That birthday tweet is no shit the 19th most faved tweet of all time, squeezed right between Hillary Clinton‘s message of hope after she lost the election (#18) and Barack Obama‘s birthday message to “the girl from the South Side”, Michelle (#20).

(FWIW, Obama appears 14 times in the top 25 tweets list. The bloke is quite popular on the line.)

Well now it’s finally Ryan’s birthday, and Blake has returned serve – roping in everybody’s imaginary boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, for the ride.

“Happy birthday, baby,” she said, to the 1/3 of her husband’s face not cropped out of the pic. We’re choosing to believe she calls Ryan Gosling babe, too.

Folks are quite impressed.

Congrats on marrying a really good one, Ryan (Reynolds).