Ryan Reynolds Is Back On His Bullshit, Trolling Blake Lively On IG Again

ryan reynolds blake lively

The term ‘couple goals’ gets bandied around far too much these days, but if anyone’s worthy of the term, it’s Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

The unfairly glamorous couple regularly take the piss out of each other on social media (well, it’s more Ryan, but Blake can give back as good as she gets), and now they’ve got two beautiful daughters, James and Ines, of whom let’s be real: we’re all a little jealous of.

ryan reynolds blake lively james inesAdopt me, fam.

Ryan has now taken the glorious piss out of his wife’s new starring role in The Rhythm Section, which, as we reported on yesterday, has transformed her into a person who’s basically unrecognisable.

“#nofilter”, Ryan hashtagged of his rather less glamorous wife. Alright buddy, we see what you did there.

In the movie – which is currently filming in Dublin – Blake plays Stephanie Patrick, a woman hellbent on revenge after her family dies in a plane crash.

It’s based on a book of the same name by Mark Burnell, and clearly is making no pains to make use of Blake’s natural good looks and charm.

“Blake Lively yesterday in Dublin looks like she’s been on a three-day bender and is off to get a chicken roll, Panadol and orange Lucozade,” one person tweeted – and look, they are not wrong.


Blake Lively herself has yet to comment on her dramatic transformation, but tbh, we can’t wait to see the trailer for this thing. Those bags must be at least TWICE as big in high def.