Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Are Being All Cute On Instagram Again

As a bit of cute advertising for his company Gin Aviation, Ryan Reynolds and his not-fake-but-totally-fake twin-brother Gordon Reynolds made a comeback to the internet in their second very passive aggressive interview about said gin, Father’s Day, and Deadpool 2. 

Ryan bought Aviation Gin back in February of this year and as Gordan says, it “tastes like a sunrise had sex with a feather duster”. 

Is this one of the greatest ways to publicise your company and work? Yes, yes it is. Can only Ryan Reynolds pull it off? Hard yes.

In 2016, the Reynolds twins took part in their first interview together about the first Deadpool movie where an extremely resentful Gordon was unimpressed with the whole shebang. Jake Gyllenhaal made a cameo because of course he did and Gordon insulted Ryan a lot. The original interview was for GQ’s Man of the Year award and was unsurprisingly successful with an easy eight and a half million views on Youtube alone.

This year Ryan decided to bring Gordon back because it was World Gin Day yesterday.

A Fave Moment:

Gordon: I hear Deadpool 2’s great, I haven’t seen it yet. 

Ryan: Why? 

Gordon: I was recently diagnosed with Stage Four I Don’t Give A Shit. 

You can catch the interview below:

As with all of Ryan’s Instagram posts, it did well and copped a lot of laughs.

Enter Blake:

Credit: Instagram / Ryan Reynolds

Always here for Blake and Ryan’s weird albeit cute way of flirting.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Blake, Ryan, and Aviation Gin have teamed up. Late last month, Blake posted a pic casually name dropping her husband’s new company.

The caption reads: “Aviation Gin please tell me I’m hired. My husband owns the damn company! (Trainee) 

Peep that Deadpool 2 reference.

Aviation Gin replied:

Surely not a real email but go with it:

Aviation Gin also helped advertise Blake’s new film A Simple Favor which will be in cinemas September 14. 

The mystery thriller co-stars Anna Kendrick. 

You can check out the trailer below:

Simple, yet outstanding PR work.

You can find out more about Aviation Gin HERE.