A Short History Of Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Trolling The Shit Out Of Each Other

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are undoubtedly one of the most beloved couples in Hollywood today. There’s just no denying it. And as much you may want to hate them for being terribly beautiful people to look at, you can’t because they also appear to be exceptionally nice human beings. Ryan’s bloody Canadian, like c’mon. So, all you can really do is aggressively love them and beg the Hollywood gods they never ever, ever break up.

This aside, their most adorable feature is actually how brutally savage they are to each other. Nothing’s off limits and the trolling strikes when you least expect it – like in the trailer for Deadpool 2 for example.

Unfortunately following Blake’s deletion spree, we’ve lost a lot of the good ones like when Blake trolled Ryan on his first Father’s Day by questioning if he was their child’s real dadda. Or when Blake took a picture of John Legend performing on stage with Ryan in the foreground. Blake went onto congratulate John for being the best man she knew and for making the Time 100 list. Oh, and then she shat on Ryan for photobombing the picture.

So, in the spirit of celebrating true love and the highest calibre of couple goals, here’s a bunch of Blake and Ryan’s most savage displays of love:

Blake’s Birthday 2016

The birthday war begins:

We’re starting off strong, folks.

Blake’s Birthday 2017

Ryan deals the first big blow of the year and it’s an iconic one:

Ryan’s Birthday 2017

Blake replies, and in my books, won the whole damn thing:


Ryan Appreciates Blake’s Natural Beauty

Pictures begin to surface of a film project Blake’s working on by the name of The Rhythm Section. Ryan uploads one of the pictures, appropriately captioned: #nofilter

Blake replied: “Only the best for SMA 2010” AKA Ryan’s Sexiest Man Alive 2010 honour.

Christmas 2017

Christmas baking a la Ryan. Peep the caption.


Valentine’s Day 2018

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day – Ryan posts a cute candid to Instagram with a witty caption:

Blake sees it and replies: “Why won’t this damn app swipe right?!?!!

To which Ryan comments back: “Because it’s the E-Harmony app.” 

And then this happened:

Fooken hell.

Deadpool Joins In

Another Deadpool 2 trailer is unleashed onto the world – it’s fantastic, bloody, and brilliant.

Right at the end of the trailer we hear Wade Wilson say:

“Doing the right thing is messy, but if you want to fight for what’s right, sometimes you have to fight dirty. And that is why Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants is straight-up pornography.”

Of course, Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants stars Blake and is a quintessential film of our teenage lives. No matter the odds, this isn’t a random name drop. Then right after the scene, we cut to a conversation between Deadpool and Weasel that goes like this:

Deadpool: It lives up to the hype, plus plus. 

Weasel: They probably won’t even make a three. 

Deadpool: Yeah, why would they? Stop at two, ya killed it. 

Real talk: Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants was shite but we all still watched it.

Proud Partner Moment

The caption says it all:


Putting Divorce Rumours To Rest

Double roast.

This was super cute though:

Helping Promote Your Partner’s Work

And this brings us to their most recent show of affection.

Blake uploads another teaser trailer for her new film, A Simple Favor. As part of all the promoting, the world is currently copping a lot of “What happened to Emily?” These four words have been all over Blake’s social media accounts, official theatrical posters, and trailers.

So, after yesterday’s post Ryan replied on Twitter with:

And Blake replied accordingly with:

True love exists folk, true love exists.

But Really, These Two *Insert Crying Emoji Here*

All this fun aside, Blake and Ryan have such a real love for each other it makes me want to throw up: