Roxy Jacenko Slammed For Spending More On Her Kid’s Bday Bash Than Some People Earn In A Year

Roxy Jacenko slammed for daughter's expensive birthday party

Business woman, socialite and perennially probbo woman Roxy Jacenko is at the centre of another social media shitstorm after throwing a lavish birthday bash for her 11-year-old daughter Pixie.

The Sweaty Betty PR girlboss reportedly spent an eye-watering $40,000 on the nightclub-themed birthday party for Pixie, which is more than some people earn in a year.

Around 45 guests attended Pixie’s club where staff served the kids mocktails. The party included neon lights, a DJ, a professional photographer and a… personal hairdresser?

Side note, but who TF does a clubbing-themed bash for a literal child?

Anyway, people online were quick to call the party a “joke”, with some condemning it as an insensitive display of wealth during a time where so many people are doing it tough.

“What a joke. Talk about teaching such bad lessons and expectations,” one person wrote on Instagram, per

“Some people have too much money…. and out of touch with the real world…spoilt to the max,” wrote another.

“Disgusting amount of money to spend on a birthday party,” said a third.

Others defended Jacenko’s right to throw lavish parties since it’s “her money.”

“Who honestly cares if I could do the same for my kids I would,” one user said.

“Her life, I don’t care even though it is ridiculous to spend that much for a birthday party,” said another.

Roxy Jacenko has since hit out at her critics and claimed the party wasn’t just a birthday celebration, but one to commemorate her daughter’s professional success.

“It was a celebration of not only her 11th birthday but her business,” Jacenko told Today.

“She has a toy business. She started in [the pandemic]… and it went gang busters.

“It is a celebration, and no, I am not low key, but it was a celebration because she has done so well.”

I always find these conversations so weird because Pixie (through no fault of her own, obviously) is a nepotism baby. She co-owns two businesses, Pixie’s Bows and Pixie’s Pix, with her mum who is a millionaire. It’s not like she created it on her own or is self-made. I’m sure most of the work is out-sourced and pretending it is literally the child labouring and toiling for success is oddly self-gratuitous in a way I find misleading.

Jacenko also pointed to her 2016 breast cancer diagnosis and said life is too short not to enjoy her wealth.

“The reality is we are here for a short time and I want to make sure that my children have the best opportunities they can, and if we can afford to do it – whilst at the same time being charitable,” she said.

“It is not for everyone, but I don’t worry about the noise.

“I had cancer, we have lived a life that has been under scrutiny a lot, so I want to make the most of my life because you don’t know what happens tomorrow.”

Roxy Jacenko previously came under fire about her spending habits when she bought then-nine-year-old Pixie a $270,000 Mercedes Benz GL. A whole car!! For a child that can barely even legally sit in the front seat, let alone drive!!! WTF.

The PR mogul has also been in trouble for the way she treats her staff. Jacenko went on a rant on Instagram and called her employees “imbeciles” after they reported her to NSW Police for expecting them to flout health restrictions during the pandemic.

One word: messy.