Powerful and feared publicist Roxy Jacenko has fired up after a man took two expensive pot plants from outside her Sweaty Betty office in Sydney.

The saga unfolded on her Instagram, where she shared CCTV footage of the man casually walking up and taking one of the $900 plants on Friday afternoon.

He later returned to take the other, and she called on her followers to try and identify him.

“What the actual FUCK?” she said alongside the first video. “This bloke just stole my fiddle leaf figs whilst I was giving them some sun and water?!”

She later shared a video of her son Hunter finding two leaves, which she described as “evidence.”

“I’m absolutely DISGUSTED to say that some PILLOCK has stolen my fiddle leaf figs and left me with two fucking leaves!” she said, in the instantly-iconic post.

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Nobody puts Roxy Jacenko in a corner, or steals her fancy plants, and with with the help Instagram, she tracked the man down to a local op shop.

In yet another video, she confronts the alleged culprit, who apologises and says that he took the plants because they had been outside for “ages” and he didn’t think they belonged to anyone.

Thankfully the fiddle leaf figs have been returned and all is well.

In April of this year, Jacenko lashed out at vandals who spray painted obscenities on the wall of the Sweaty Betty office.

She shared CCTV footage of the suspected culprits with her 233,000 followers, asking anyone with information to reach out.

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I’ve been toying with whether I would share footage of the two vandals who decided to spray paint my name and other obscenities across my offices as well as multiple council locations in Paddington, Moore Park, Bondi and North Bondi (disgustingly adjacent to the Anzac Day memorial) yesterday at the expense of the tax payer to remove – clearly in the hope of causing me some humiliation or embarrassment. If they knew me, they would know it did neither! Given they are looking for notoriety for the act I have decided to – I’ve always been of the mindset that if you’ve got something to say – be confident to be able to say it to the persons face – only cowards conduct themselves like this hiding behind hoodies at 1.30am. If you have information on the identity of these two individuals (who given filmed their handiwork in an effort to brag about their work) feel free to contact me personally in confidence via roxy@sweatybettypr.com or Surry Hills Police – 9265 4144

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