Roxy Jacenko Calls Her Employees ‘Imbeciles’ For Dobbing Her In To NSW Health Repeatedly

roxy jacenko imbeciles nsw health

Businesswoman and socialite Roxy Jacenko has slammed the NSW Government for claiming that she has been breaching work and safety rules around enforced mask-wearing.

Jacenko posted a rant to Instagram about how NSW Police have visited her business, PR company Sweaty Betty, as well as showcasing the notice sent to her from SafeWork NSW.

According to Jacenko, one of the reasons this keeps happening to her is because one of the “imbeciles” who work for her keeps making “reports”.

Something tells me calling your workers imbeciles is not going to stop them from dobbing you in when they see something wrong.

I have had enough,” Jacenko said in an Instagram post.

“Running a small business is hard enough, due to lockdown I have an empty office with over 20 working remotely, I am doing the work of at least 4 by myself, my online team (for 3 online stores) are working in the office on shorter hours as products don’t send themselves with Auspost.

“I have had 2 visits from the Police and now this letter – enough now.

“I wonder if I stopped paying the wages of these imbeciles who are making these reports of me apparently flouting the rules they might change their tune…”

Was right there with you until that last bit. You can see the post below.

In the letter shared by Jacenko, SafeWork NSW claims that Sweaty Betty‘s base of operations in Paddington has been alerted for not operating under the safest possible conditions.

The main point of concern is the fact that workers, who could do their job online, are apparently prohibited from working from home.

“Workers and others may be at risk in the workplace due to alleged inadequate controls from biological hazards and to manage the risk of infection to COVID-19,” read the letter from SafeWork NSW.

“Specifically, it is alleged that workers are not being allowed to work from home in line with public health orders without consultation or a reasonably practicable review being conducted.”

According to the note, an inspector will be paying Jacenko and her crew a visit sometime in the future to see just how accurate her defence is.

We’ll have to see how it all plays out in the future, but for now, we’ll have to take Jacenko’s word for it. No flouting of rules here, no sir.