A Reality TV Star Has Overshared About What She Keeps In Her Sons’ Memory Boxes & Why That?

A lot of mothers love to keep little mementos that remind them of their baby’s milestones. Sometimes, it’s their first loose tooth, nail clippings or even their dried-up umbilical cord. However, this reality TV star has been holding onto something that’ll either make you go “awwww” or make you gag. For me? It’s the latter.

Stacey Solomon, who’s famously known for her reality TV presence in the UK-sphere (X Factor and I’m A Celeb), has revealed that she keeps her son’s foreskins in separate memory boxes.

Speaking to the Mirror UK, Solomon said she has issues with letting things go, including the penis skins.

“I’ve got [the kids’] umbilical cords,” she told the publication.

“I think I’ve got the boys’ foreskins somewhere. Dilly (her co-organiser on Sort Your Life Out) absolutely rips me to shreds over that, she’s like, ‘What is wrong with you?!’

“They’ve all got each individual memory boxes. So I hold on to them in their memory boxes alongside little trinkets.”

The reality TV star says her sons don’t understand why she grapples onto such mementos, including the peen skin. She did admitted to the publication that she has an emotional attachment to these objects that “represent core memories”, which makes it hard for her to let them go.

“They say, ‘Nah, why’s that there?’ Kids are brutal. But they’re not at that stage in their life where they have responsibilities. Whereas when you get older, you start realising that time is a thief. And it goes bloody quickly and things change instantly. So you do hold on more as you get older, I think,” Solomon continued, per the Mirror.

This isn’t the first time the X Factor alumn opened up about her foreskin mementos. In an interview that took place in 2020, Solomon stunned her Loose Women co-stars after telling them she has “foreskin somewhere” after another person said they didn’t keep their baby’s shoes.

Look, as I am not a mother yet, I cannot judge her parenting or any of that kind of stuff. But do we really need to keep the skins?

Imagine meeting your boyfriend’s family for the first time, and after dinner, they show you their son’s shrivelled, dusty, musty skin of thy peen from eons ago. I would be so mortified.

At the end of the day, it’s up to the mother what she wants to do, but this is lowkey rank!!!