A Local Celeb W/ Insider Intel Claims Reality Producers Rig The Competition To Lure Big Names

Jessica Rowe, sweetest angel to ever walk the earth, has gone and done something not-so-sweet: she’s lifted the lid on rigged reality shows.

When I say “not-so-sweet,” I mean it’s a pain in the butt for the powers that be in reality telly who want us to continue picking up what they’re putting down.

But for the rest of us, it actually is very sweet. Very, verrrrry sweet indeed.

So what is this sweet intel? (I’m sure at this point the word “sweet” has lost all meaning to ya).

Well, on her podcast The Jess Rowe Big Talk Show, the former news anchor claimed that an unnamed celeb recently told her about the shady clause that their co-star had on an unnamed reality show.

“I was talking to a celebrity recently that had been on a reality TV show and even though they knew things would be set up… the winner was decided even before the show began,” she recounted.

“It actually turned out it was in a particular person’s contract that they would win and that was the only way this particular person would take part.”

So which spicy show do we reckon she’s talking about here?

I’m thinking it’s probably I’m A Celeb, Big Brother VIP or The Masked Singer Australia.

This comes as absolutely no surprise to me because when Big Brother VIP was in the works, word got out that Caitlyn Jenner had it in her contract that she had to be booted from the show early on so she could return home.

The contract leaked via the So Dramatic! podcast, revealing that Caitlyn’s contract specifically stipulated that she was only to be on the show for a coupla weeks as she needed to head back to Los Angeles ASAP to continue campaigning for governor.

“Caitlyn had it written into her contract that she was the first to leave the show,” a Big Brother VIP insider told the poddy.

“She had a deal with producers that she would be able to bail in time to catch a plane to join her governor tour on August 12.”

What’s more is that she was allegedly paid a whopping $500K for the short stint. Yikes!

I’m guessing that the celeb Jessica Rowe is referring to is a local celeb and it literally could be anyone because as you’ve probably gleaned, everything is rigged.