Last week, it was revealed that Caitlyn Jenner had been yeeted back home, just one week after filming for Big Brother VIP commenced. Meaning she took up space on a flight to and from Australia, not to mention hotel quarantine, for a short lil stint on the controversial reality show. BULLSHIT.

We copped the news of her eviction via pap pics that showed her arriving at LAX airport, but also from Caitlyn herself as she revealed on Twitter that she was already back home.

“Great time abroad for fun and glad to be back in #California on the campaign trail!” she wrote.

Since this happened, I’ve been dying to know what the actual fuck was in her contract, because usually reality stars aren’t allowed to drop spoilers on social media.

I’m also keen to know if she was booted from the mansion because she fucking sucks or if it was in her contract that she had to be sent home ASAP because I find it odd that Seven would fork out a rumoured $500K, only to have her stick around for a short period.

Well, ask and ye shall receive, mates, because her contract has leaked to the So Dramatic! podcast and some of those questions have been answered.

There’s no tea on the salary or the social media clause, but Megan Pustetto revealed that a Big Brother VIP source told her that Caitlyn Jenner only wanted to appear on the show for one week so that she could head home to return to the campaign trail.

“Caitlyn had it written into her contract that she was the first to leave the show,” the insider said.

“She had a deal with producers that she would be able to bail in time to catch a plane to join her governor tour on August 12.”

The host pointed out that this appears to have been put in place a while back, as on July 20, Caitlyn sent out a press release about a statewide bus tour that would commence on August 12 and confirmed that she would be present, so she never actually intended on going far in the competition.

What an absolute joke.

Big Brother VIP is coming soon to Seven.

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