Here’s The Tea On How Much I’m A Celeb Stars Are Paid To Evade Snakes, Spiders & Ash Williams

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Considering all the gross shit the I’m A Celeb stars are forced to undergo as part of the show, you’d think their pay must be pretty shmick, right?

Well, according to the first eliminated I’m A Celeb contestant Jack Vidgen, it’s a “fantastic” payday.

During his exit interview with shock jocks Kyle & Jackie O, the Australia’s Got Talent singer was probed about how much he and his co-stars got paid to appear on the show.

I always love finding out how much reality stars get paid to make fools of themselves on reality TV (like that time we got wind of what the MAFS stars were copping for the reunion), but unfortunately in this instance, Jack was unable to divulge specific digits.

He did, however, say that the pay is “fantastic”, especially considering the toll COVID took on the entertainment industry.

When host Jackie O asked if the pay was “under a $100,000 or over a $100,000”, Jack revealed that his contract is v. strict and if he shares the details, he’ll lose out on the money.

“I’m not going to tell you. I signed things and I can’t say! I’ll lose all the money if I tell you,” Jack responded.

Look, whatever the pay was, I can tell you that it wasn’t enough, especially considering everything the contestants need to put up with on the show, from marinating in blood and guts to sleeping amongst the spiders to dealing with sexism from *certain* male contestants on the show.

To give you an idea of what reality stars usually get paid, The Wash recently reported how much the returning MAFS stars scored for the reunion and apparently each cast member is copping a minimum fee of $3,000 for the two-day shoot, while some have been “savvy” enough to negotiate a higher payday.

Ya boi Nasser Sultan is reported to have accepted the $3,000 fee “without thinking twice,” as he was just eager for his telly return, making him one of the lowest paid.

Nasser Sultan (left) starred in an earlier season of MAFS.

Meanwhile Ines Basic managed to lock in one of the biggest pay packets as she was able to negotiate a “substantially higher” fee and even scored a sweet hotel upgrade, too.

The publication reports that Ines was only willing to return for “big bucks.” Tracey Jewel was a last minute addition to the cast due to the fact that she’s based in Western Australia, so she was previously unable to travel due to the border closure. She also managed to negotiate herself a higher fee, says the insider.

Her rival Davina Rankin is said to have “point blank refused every figure Channel Nine offered her” as she wants nothing to do with the show.

Peep the trailer for the reunion below: