The whole point of I’m A Celeb is to entertain us by brutalising our eyes with gross imagery like guts and insects and shit like that. I get it. But this season the contestants have been doing the lion’s share (no pun intended) of the grossness with their antics and behaviour (namely lads Robert ‘Dipper’ DiPierdomenico and Ash Williams).

During last night’s episode of I’m A Celeb, comedian Ash Williams was dared by his co-stars Grant Denyer and Jess Eva to LICK and KISS the manky toes of footy star Dipper while he was sleeping on a hammock and he bloody well did it.

Peep the foul imagery below, if you dare:

Welp, that’s me off my brekky. (Credit: Instagram)

This week it was a toe to the tongue, but last week it was a tick to Ash’s dick as he reveals he was bitten by the nasty bug.

After feeling like something was in his pants, the comedian took a look, and to his shock fucking horror found a tick ~down there~.

“I’ve got something in my pants, I swear,” he says. “Uh-oh. Call a medic, I’ve got a tick!”

As he became more and more panicked, he shouted to the I’m A Celeb peeps: “You need to be quick, he’s burrowing. What do I do? He’s getting deeper and deeper.”

Grant Denyer had the unfortunate job of checking him out and it turns out he did, in fact, have a tick on his dick.

“We had our first medical emergency,” Denyer said after inspecting his co-star. “That is right. Ash had a tick on his tackle and he was freaking out!”

A medic then came to remove the tick in the jungle hut, as Ash said: “I’m going to need to change my undies after this. This is not good.”

But that’s not all we’ve seen this season, grossness-wise, as both Dipper and Ash have exhibited sexist behaviour towards Abbie Chatfield.

In one of the first eps, Dipper made offensive remarks to a bikini-clad Abbie.

“You’re not going out like that,” he said to his I’m A Celeb co-star.

“[It’s like] when a father sees her daughter grow up, and you go out to see your boyfriend or whatever, and goes out with a mini skirt. We’re protective of you girls being hurt. It’s like you’re seeking attention and asking for it.”

Abbie has since revealed on her podcast It’s A Lot that Dipper later apologised to her for his behaviour, as he should.

And as for Ash, he also displayed some gross behaviour towards Abbie and influencer Alli Simpson.

After spending the night kissing and cuddling Abbie, Ash said that he’s disappointed to find that Alli had suddenly entered the camp as she’s more his type.

“Yeah it’s very tough because in all seriousness, like, [Alli] is way more my type,” Ash told Grant Denyer, literally just after emerging from a sleeping bag with Abbie.

The Bachelor star later called out the “boys club” on I’m A Celeb via Instagram, as she should.

Can everyone just stop being gross pls?