That Reality Star Boxing Event Ended With A Bachie Bloke Allegedly Being Booted From The Venue

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

A bunch of reality star blokes recently got together for a charity boxing event and look, I actually love this for them given the fact that it’s for charity, but, of course, the event was dripping in drama from the get-go.

Taking place at the Melbourne Pavilion, participating dating show dudes included the likes of Jamie Doran, Ciarran Stott, Timm Hanly, Rhyce Power, Pascal Wallace and Paddy Colliar, The Bachelor franchise, Rhyce Power of MAFS and Adam Farrugia of Love Island.

Gym trainer Antoni Topic told Daily Mail Australia that the idea for the match came to them from a similar celeb match that goes down over in the States.

Peep the footage from the event below, where some of the lads donned extremely questionable new haircuts:

Prior to the event, Jake Ellis of The Bachelor franchise told Daily Mail Australia: “We’ve got 34 fights and according to the venue this is the biggest attendance they’ve ever had in their whole history.”

In attendance were scores of fellow reality stars, including last year’s The Bachelorette bloke Adrian Baena, who was vying for the heart of Becky Miles in the 2020 season of the show.

Although he wasn’t competing in the match, he still ended up being booted… booted out, that is, of the venue.

The So Dramatic! podcast obtained footage that allegedly shows The Bachelorette star Adrian Baena being yeeted out of the Melbourne Pavilion.

Peep the footage below:

The Bachelor star’s Instagram profile has been set to private so no word yet as to whether or not he’s addressed the alleged incident.

Wondering why this whole thing sounds familiar to you? That’s because Love Island star Eden Dally was previously linked to the event, as per leaked DMs between him, Timm and Jamie, but he ultimately backed out of the whole thing, as revealed on Instagram (plus the fact that he’s noticeably absent from the event poster).

After leaking the screenshots, Eden Dally wrote: “No more publicity stunts. Don’t say I asked you to message me Timothy. I’d be embarrassed.”

Have a peek at the poster for the event below: