Eden Dally Posts DMs Roasting Timm Hanly & Jamie Doran For Trying To Tee Up Lame Promo Collabs

Love Island star Eden Dally has shared some spicy texts and DMs between him and The Bachelor bloke Timm Hanly and fuck me, this is one hot tamale.

Taking to his Instagram Story, as shared by the So Dramatic! podcast, Eden shared the convos where Timm tries to tee up a promo opportunity to get people talking about them, which is cringey as hell.

In the DM, which landed in Eden’s request folder as he does not follow old m8 Timm, apparently, the Bachie bloke writes:

“Keen to turn it up bra? This is just another opportunity to start driving our insights through the roof and get the media to start writing about us, but we have to make bang with it.

“No one wants to see anything more than two cunts who genuinely hate each other’s guts have it out.”

I’m assuming he’s trying to set up one of those lame reality star boxing matches which Eden Dally has taken part in once or twice before.

A reality star boxing match Eden Dally took part in last year.

“So let’s give the people what they want. I’ll think of a way to kick it off. Maybe a video or something,” he added. “Something that cunts are gonna wanna share around and the media to write about but I’ll let you know. What you reckon?”

Eden captioned the post, “How’s your insights going Timothy? Are you taking boxing seriously or you need me to get you more followers? Let’s hope you are or you will end up like this again, but this time in 20 seconds.”

Timm Hanly

Timm Hanly starred in Angie Kent’s season of Bachie as well as Bachelor In Paradise. (Credit: Ten)

When Eden failed to reply to (or even accept) Timm’s message, he later texted him, writing: “It’s the 39 second man. Call me bruz.”

That message was also ignored, so days later, he wrote: “This cunt. How’s I gave you the respect to send you the message because of our mutual friends and you got none back. Now I actually wanna flog you.”

“Who’s this?” Eden replied with a laughing emoji.

He captioned the text, “Stop calling and texting me Timothy, I don’t know if you want to fight me or make love to me.”


He later shared a text convo where Bachelor dude Jamie Doran asks him to reply to Timm and “put him out of his misery” (check it out on the second slide above).

“No more publicity stunts,” he captioned the text convo with Jamie. “Don’t say I asked you to message me Timothy. I’d be embarrassed.”

Big fucking yikes. But wait, it gets weirder. Timm later posted a video ripping into Eden. Have a peek below:


If you follow the link, you’ll see that Eden appears to be part of an upcoming celebrity boxing match. So… was this all a big fat publicity stunt or has Eden backed out, ‘cos he literally just vowed on Instagram to never do a publicity stunt again, but there he is in the poster?

My fucking head hurts from writing this, and I’m sure yours does too after reading it, so for that I apologise.