HORRIFIC NEWS: ‘Bachie’ Star Elora & ‘MAFS’ Star Dean Were Spotted Canoodling

Fuckinggggg…. I can’t with our bloody reality TV stars. Have you EVER seen people more despo for attention? I read today that Nasser from MAFS walked into the Instagram head office today and demanded he get the verified blue tick. I CANNOOOOOT.

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Anyway, another thing reality TV stars like to do is fuel dating rumours. But also sometimes they DO date each other, whether it’s because they develop Kim/Kanye levels of adoration for each other’s intense narcissism, or to just fool the public into giving a shit about them again.

The latest? Elora Murger from Bachelor In Paradise and Dean Wells from Married At First SightYep. They apparently met at the Honey Birdette store opening event last night, and rumour has it they were vibing each other. YUCK.

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‘There was definitely chemistry. They’ve shared similar experiences being on reality shows and Elora feels like she’s getting to know the “real” Dean,’ a source from the event told Daily Mail Australia.

Apparently the vibes were based around his… spirituality?

“Obviously, he got a pretty bad edit on Married At First Sight. Elora has been telling friends she was surprised by how nice of a guy he is. She’s a very spiritual person and likes that he’s in tune with his religion.”

FYI, Dean told Woman’s Day last month that he’s super Christian.

“Reading the Bible and interpreting its messages keeps me grounded and humble,’ he told the publication.

Absolutely wild bullshit folks, here’s hoping they date for a bit before some form of dramatic split involving someone publicly reading The Bible while crying.