Honestly, I cannot think of a WORSE reality TV star from the past couple of years than Grant Crapp.

The Love Island Australia winner lied about his relationship status upon entering the show (it’s since been revealed he had some form of relationship with Lucy Cartwright), was a massive gaslighter throughout (noooo babe I never said that babe *evidence is literally on camera*), only came clean about his external relationship once he had won and was out of the villa, and according to Tayla Damir was only on the show to promote his fashion line – which Lucy was managing for him on the outside.

After a spectacular break-up that Tayla initiated (yes bb!), Grant THEN did a really tacktastic photo shoot with Lucy for NW Magazine, where they both try and PR-bullshit their way out of the bog they’ve been socially put in by saying they were some form of mates before the show, and the love has just blossomed now, you guys. I CALL HORSE CRAPOLA BABEY!

Anyway. He sucks. And now he’s even suckier. Naturally, people are calling for Grant to give Tayla back the half of their $50k prize money since, you know, he BASICALLY FAKED THE WHOLE DAMN THING. But he told OK! Magazine yesterday that he reckons he shouldn’t have to.

“I don’t think I should give her back the prize money. To be fair, I feel like we went through the same experience together, and we needed each other to go through Love Island.”

Oh, this interview also came with a side of EQUALLY TACKTASTIC boudoir shots with Lucy.

In even floggier news, he also is angling to get on The Block. DO NOT DO THIS, AUSTRALIA.

“There have been a few things thrown around about me going on The Block. If something like that happened, and me and Lucy went further together, then I’d definitely take that opportunity.”

TBF Tayla doesn’t look like she gives two shits about the new not-couple-couple-whatever-who-cares-fuck-off.

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That’s what winning looks like, my friends. Looking like a babe with an espresso martini in hand.

Source: OK! Magazine
Image: Instagram / @grantcrapp