‘MAFS’ Star Jessika Says She’s Not Dating Eden From ‘Love Island’ & Sure, Jan

Everyone’s trying to suss which couples from Married At First Sight are headed straight for the bin, and one big clue is whatever they have all over Instagram. There’s already speculation several of the couples have split up and a few of the contestants are in new relationships – like Sam Ball

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The latest rumours have been around Jessika Power, who is currently married to farmer Mick Gould on MAFS. This week, notorious attention-seeker Telv Williams, who was on last year’s season, posted a photo of Jessika and Love Island alum Eden Dally, tagging the photo with “congratulations to this happy couple”.

Credit: Instagram / @instatelv

Jessika spoke to Daily Mail about the post, saying she’s deffo not dating Eden.

“This is ridiculous! Me and Eden are not together, we are friends. The whole reason Eden and I were hanging out is because he is friends with my brother [Rhyce Power].”

She went on to say that she wasn’t sure why Telv was shit-stirring, but that’s all his post was, adding that she only met Eden for the first time when she was in Melbourne recently.

“We took one photo and all of a sudden we are together! He’s definitely an attractive guy, but there’s nothing going on there. He’s just broken up with his girlfriend and I’m happy with where I’m at.”

Hmmm… that may be so, but if there’s one thing I know about Aussie reality TV stars it’s that they LOVE to inter-date. So I for one will be keeping an eye on this whole situation right here.