The Queen Apparently Gave Meghan Markle A “Bollocking” Over Kate Middleton Feud

According to New Idea, a US tabloid, Star, has a source who couldn’t help but spill the Royal tea about Queen Liz‘s response to that Meghan MarkleKate Middleton feud.

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Oh yes, yes, yes, givvus probably bogus source, tell us how the Queen got her daughters-in-law in line.

Apparently Markle was on the receiving end of Liz’s fury, and oh boy, is this the good shit.

It was a real Buckingham Palace bollocking. You don’t ever want to be summoned to the Queen’s private reception. The Queen’s private secretary set up a meeting between Her Majesty and the Duchess of Sussex.

The Queen told Meghan that she’s ‘destroyed Harry’ by coming between him and Prince William and Kate. No one at the palace has seen the Queen this incensed before!

Imagine: a “Buckingham Palace bollocking“. Imagine: the Queen’s tiny ol’ lady face filling with rage. Imagine: the family below squabbling at the Christmas dinner table just like us – except you know with 100% certainty the Royals have a racist grandpa.

After giving Markle an earful, Nanna Liz apparently even went so far as to hand down some rules for her to follow, which is a totally normal thing to do to your granddaughter-in-law.

Meghan was given a new set of rules, which included not upsetting Kate or William, or any of their staff. Meghan was dumbfounded but she kept her head high.

Anyway, context: there were reports Middleton and Markle fell out when the latter “reprimanded” one of the other’s staff in the midst of Royal Wedding planning. Here’s what Middleton apparently said: “That’s unacceptable; they’re my staff and I speak to them.

Mmmhmm, extremely normal relatable areas here.

In an unprecedented move, a spokesperson for the Palace denied the story, telling The Sunthis never happened“. They haven’t denied the story about Middleton being left in tears for ~reasons unknown~ after a fitting for Princess Charlotte‘s flower girl dress. Or the one about Prince Charles having to instruct William to be nicer to Markle. Or the one about Harry going “mental” at William for not being supportive.

There’s a lot of Royal beef rumours is what we’re saying.

It’ll all be fine when Prince Harry and Markle move out of Kensington Palace to Frogmore House in Windsor next year either to have more space for their wee bub, or because they “don’t want to live next door to William and Catherine“.

Here’s what a totally trustworthy palace insider said about their current living sitch, next door to each other on a massive west London estate:

It’s total chaos. Everyone hoped the two princes’ families would live in harmony, but they’re only growing more distant now that Harry and Meghan are moving out.