A Gif Of Meghan Markle Has Disappeared Off Instagram & We Wanna Know Why

A cheeky gif of Meghan Markle, Rosamund Pike and Givenchy director Clare Waight Keller at the British Fashion Awards has been yanked off social media, so writes Vanity Fair, and we demand to know why.

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Waight Keller designed Markle’s gorgeeeee wedding gown – you remember it, don’t you? So the new Duchess of Sussex presented an award on the night with Pike to the designer, for Womenswear Designer of the Year.

Basically, they’re all mates, and they were just posing in a photobooth like cool friends do, making Insty Boomerangs/gifs or whatever, and for SOME REASON, that content has been pulled from the internet.

She’s cradling her baby belly, she’s wearing a black velvet Givenchy gown, she looks fashionable and gorgeous and posh, at the fanciest of venues, Royal Albert Hall in London – although she was wearing BLACK nail polish, shock horror, which is apparently against royal protocol (they’re meant to only wear like neutral ‘n pink shades).

The glamma shot, while still up on event photographer Yvan Fabing‘s account, was pulled down from the British Fashion Council‘s Instagram last night. It’s not expected to last long on Fabing’s account either.


Apparently another pic of Markle on stage at the event posted by stylist Jessica Mulroney, which was captioned, “My angel. Beauty, grace and strength personified“, has also been taken down – while it was an Instagram Story, it reportedly didn’t even last online the full 24 hours.

Why would these innocuous shots have been dropped from social media? Could be that they’re improper for a new Royal, and Lizzie‘s doing a little bit of image control. The Palace have strict guidelines for Royals’ public appearances so I guess it makes sense that they might not be so into Markle taking happy snaps with her ol’ Hollywood pals. And they deffo wouldn’t have loved the tabloid headlines about her going back to her “Hollywood roots“.

When she presented the award to Waight Keller on Monday, Markle said something super true about the way women relate to fashion:

As all of you in this room know, we have a deep connection to what we wear.

Sometimes it’s very personal, sometimes it’s emotional. But for me this connection is rooted in, really, being able to understand that it’s about supporting and empowering each other, especially as women.

And there you have it: Meghan Markle is empowered by her Givenchy dresses (and black nail polish), and the Royals hate gifs and Instagram Stories.