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SPOILER WARNING: there is one (1) spoiler in this yarn.

Fuck me up, The Princess Switch sequel was a TRIP. Like, it was great – you’ll have a jolly good time, but holy shit, three Vanessa Hudgens are too powerful. I wasn’t ready.

Before I even get into this unhinged plot, can I just say that watching The Princess Switch: Switched Again after The Crown season 4 feels like that horse drawing meme? You know the one where its back legs and butt are professionally drawn by an ARTISTE, and then its head is just… not?

This one, watching them back-to-back felt like this.

ANYWAY, so The Princess Switch: Switched Again – amazing title – is the followup to last year’s banger of a Christmas movie. In it, Lady Margaret (Vanessa Hudgens) is preparing to become queen, while Stacy (Vanessa Hudgens) is super busy being the princess of her own country.

Stacy is still married to Prince Edward (Sam Palladio), who sort of just exists in the movie. We still love him though, and then there’s Kevin (Nick Sagar).

Margaret and Kevin broke up because the pressure of being queen became too much, and Kevin missed the ~ spontaneity ~ of their relationship. Kevin becomes heaps sad, worrying Stacy who decides to drag Kevin and his daughter, Olivia (Mia Lloyd) to Margaret’s coronation, ‘cos she knows they’re still in love with each other.

The Princess Switch: Switched Again.

SO THEN, everyone arrives in Montenaro and that’s when the movie really begins. Why? Because we meet Lady Fiona (Vanessa Hudgens), who is Margaret’s cousin. Fiona’s like the Real Housewives version of Margaret, pretty much. I love her, she’s so ridiculous. She also has a whole “help me, I’m poor!!!” moment because she’s all spend-spend-spend, so she decides to just become Margaret. As you do.

Enter the switch. STAY WITH ME.

Margaret and Stacy switch again so Margaret can spend more time with Kevin. Meanwhile, Fiona switches with Margaret so she can pretend to be the future queen of Montenaro.

I have literally just described the trailer and I’ve already confused myself twice.

At one point in the movie – and I am literally typing this so slowly because it’s too much for my Friday brain – Margaret-pretending-to-be-Stacy chats to Fiona-pretending-to-be-Margaret, thinking that she’s Stacy-pretending-to-be-Margaret.

I just – give Hudgens Best Actress, Supporting Actress, give her the entire awards show.

The second half of the movie is literally a who’s who of Vanessa Hudgens. And honestly, good for her. She carries the entire thing on three sets of shoulders.

There’s also this completely random bit at the end, so only read on if you want to spoil it for yourself.


So right at the end of the movie, during Margaret’s coronation, these two pop up.

Tag yourself! I’m the baby having an existential crisis.

It’s Amber and whats-his-face from the dumb Christmas Prince trilogy!

This was a cute cameo and all, but didn’t Margaret and Kevin literally watch A Christmas Prince in the first Princess Switch movie? They did, they 100% did. THIS MAKES NO SENSE, I yell… as I write about a movie with three Vanessa Hudgens in it.

TLDR: This movie is brain ice cream, like something fun and dumb to stare at for an hour and a half. 14/10 recommend.

The Princess Switch: Switched Again is streaming now on Netflix.

I can’t believe Netflix is making another Princess Switch movie. No joke, there’s a third one in the works already. It’s filming in Scotland next year.

Image: Netflix