Friends, I am positively delighted to write that The Princess Switch sequel looks dumb as hell. Like, even dumber than the first one – I can’t wait to watch it. Inject that beautiful trash right into my veins.

The Princess Switch: Switched Again – I am chortling over how lazy that title is – sees the return of Vanessa Hudgens in the role(s) of her life.

In it, Hudgens stars as lookalikes Stacey and Duchess Margaret, who decide to switch places again ahead of Margaret’s coronation.

The gist is Margaret and Kevin (Nick Sager), who fell in love in the first movie, aren’t together anymore. However, Kevin still decides to attend Margaret’s coronation… as a supportive friend.

The pair soon begin to realise they still have feelings for each other, but can’t quite get to the bottom of it because of Margaret’s very royal duties.

Enter the switch.

Just as things are starting to look peachy, Fiona – a THIRD lookalike – rocks up and threatens to ruin the day.

Lady Fiona is Margaret’s cousin, and she has a different accent, which means Vanessa Hudgens is doing a third accent. You simply have to admire her range

The sequel also costars Sam Palladio as Prince Edward and Suanne Braun as Mrs Donatelli.

The Princess Switch: Switched Again premieres November 19 only on Netflix.

Lock it the fuck in.

Seriously though, it looks like so much fun!

If that trailer alone has put you in a Chrissy mood, you can rewatch The Princess Switch on Netflix now. Or you can give the streaming giant’s latest holiday flicks a go. There are a lot.

The Holidate, starring Emma Roberts and our very own Luke Bracey, is copping a lot of love for how utterly chaotic it is. Or, there’s The Christmas Drop, a pleasantly bland rom-com that stars Kat Graham and Alexander Ludwig. While Ludwig is perfectly charming in it, all I could think about was how he played that dipshit Cato in The Hunger Games. It kind of ruined it for me, not gonna lie. But hey, it’s currently trending in Netflix’s Top 10 in Australia, so it must be doing something right.

You can check it all out on Netflix right here.

Image: Netflix