Pink Was Denied Entry From A Syd Venue ‘Cos She Forgot Her ID & DW Doll, We’ve All Been There

A venue in Manly has released a public apology after they rejected Australia’s unofficial Prime Minister, Alecia Beth Moore — famously known as Pink — from its venue.

In recent years, Pink has become somewhat of a People’s Princess for Australians — particularly Aussie mums. Her popularity has allured the star to tour Down Under multiple times, with her most recent tour taking place in February.

Although the “So What” singer is extremely popular on this side of the world, her star power wasn’t enough to let her into a Sydney venue during her Summer Carnival Tour in Australia.

On Monday, Pink attempted to enter the Manly 16ft Skiff Club with a booking of eight people but was ultimately turned away at the door, the Manly Observer reports.

Speaking to the publication, Manly Market Manager Mark Eymes claimed to have witnessed the ordeal, revealing that the icon was turned away because she didn’t have her ID.

“My cousin and I were walking on the Manly foreshore on the way to the Skiff, when I noticed a woman who stood out a bit,” Eymes recalled.

“She was meandering along in a group of about eight, and she turned around and said, ‘I’m really sorry, we are walking a bit slowly, please go past’. The American accent was when I realised that she was Pink.

“I overheard her saying that she had a booking, but when they asked her to provide her ID, she said she didn’t have any on her. They said she couldn’t come in without it, even though she explained that she’d already secured her booking with a deposit.”

Eymes claimed to have tried to help Pink secure her booked seats, but unfortunately, she was just “turfed” out.

(Image source: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images)

UMMMMM??? How could you disrespect the queen of POP ROCK?

As soon as news broke of Pink’s rejection, fans flocked to her defence with some describing Sydney as a “nanny state” and a “joke”.

Some Pink fans also took to the club’s Facebook page to slam their actions against their flying singer.

(Image source: Facebook / Manly Skiff Sailing Club)

Of course, with any celebrity discourse, there’s gonna be a bunch of people who are rooting for the latter.

And not to play devil’s advocate or anything, but it is the law — Registered Clubs Act 1976 — for patrons to carry and provide ID at club venues.

Manly 16ft Skiff Sailing Club Responds To Backlash After Refusing P!nk Into Its Venue

In a statement to 9News, Manly Skiff’s secretary Matt Hazell insisted that the singer was not “turfed out” and instead chose to leave after a “sign-in process issue”.

“The Manly 16ft Skiff Sailing Club extends our sincerest apologies to Pink, her family, and friends for the inconvenience experienced during her recent visit to our venue,” Hazell said.

“As a 100-year-old sailing club, we have policies to ensure all patrons are signed incorrectly.

“However, there was a misunderstanding, and we regret any embarrassment or frustration caused.

“We appreciate Pink’s graciousness and hope to welcome her back soon.”

The secretary added that the club invited Pink for a “sail on one of our skiffs”.

(Image source: 9News)

Umm, yeah. I don’t think she’ll be coming any time soon, unfortunately.

Pink has yet to respond to the whole hullabaloo but I reckon she has way better things to do during her time Down Under, like doing more aerial stunts and silk dances while performing her whole discography.

Pink, if you’re reading this, I invite you to come with me to raise your glass over a piece of Manoosh pizza. I promise you won’t get rejected in West Syd!!

Image source: Getty Images / Christian Petersen