Pink Blasts Small New Zealand Bar Who Couldn’t Host Her Post-Show Drinks

Pink‘s aptly named Beautiful Trauma World Tour continues to leave, erm, trauma as the singer has taken to social media to call out an incident that occurred at a small bar in New Zealand.

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Last night the mother-of-two posted the following fuming tweet after trying to host post-show drinks at a small establishment called Deadshot.

“Man I’ve been to some cool bars around the world, and Dead shot on Ponsonby road is not one of them,” she wrote.

The singer doesn’t give any explanation as to what happened but according to the bar’s manager Heather Garland, Pink was never present at the bar.

“We actually didn’t see Pink at all, but we would have loved to have her in,” Garland told

“We did have some of her crew come in a couple of nights this week. They were lovely and we had a great time with them.”

Deadshot’s manager claims that she even offered to arrange for Pink and her entourage to have drinks at a larger establishment who would be better suited to cater to them.

“We suggested a few of our favourite bars to try and offered to ring around and find a venue to host them, however they came anyway and we unfortunately had to turn them away,” Garland claims.

“Unfortunately as we are a very small, seated service cocktail bar we just didn’t have enough space for the 30 people who showed up for an after-party. We usually only take groups of six or less.”

Pink’s hubby Carey Hart weighed in on the drama via Twitter after a fan called her out for blasting a small business.

“A bit sad that this bar went above and beyond to assist in finding another venue after telling the organisers they couldn’t fit that many into their venue and now they are being shamed because they had to turn them away, after being honest about things,” the fan wrote.

“Were you there or just reading the story?” Hart sarcastically responded.