Phoebe Bridgers Made A Subtle Jab At Keith Urban For Exposing Her Relationship On TikTok

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Phoebe Bridgers has decided to throw a bit of playful shade at Keith Urban after the innocently oblivious Aussie accidentally leaked her secret relationship with Bo Burnham to the entire world. Celebrities, they’re just like us — they too love to have fun online.

In case you missed it, Keith Urban turned Phoebe Bridgers’ secret love life into public information back at the beginning of May this year.

Urban was jamming alongside his wife Nicole Kidman (you may have heard of her) at Taylor Swift‘s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania stop on her prolific Eras tour.

In the vid, you can see Pheobe Bridgers and Bo Burnham smooching in the background. Ruh-roh Reith. You done fucked up, king.

Ever since the TikTok went hyper-viral online, Phoebe Bridgers, Bo Burnham and Keith Urban have been relatively silent.

That is until now, when Bridgers decided to throw a bit of playful shade at Urban by sharing his song “Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me” to her Instagram Story.

Sure, Bridgers might just be a huge fan of Urban’s music but this really feels like her poking fun at the whole awkward situation.

She knows what she’s doing here and that’s why I love her. (Source: Instagram @phoebebridgers).

Rumours that Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham were dating kicked off after she was papped at the airport with Burnham following her split with Paul Mescal at the end of 2022. While fans heavily suspected they were an item, neither one of them ever confirmed it nor have they really appeared in public together. Well, that was until Urban’s video arrived to crash the party.

For a good moment there, unhinged theories were flying across the internet like Snitches in a Quidditch match saying that Bridgers had left Mescal for none other than Matty Healy.

As we all know now, Healy is actually dating Taylor Swift. Everything has come full circle, including my head which is still SPINNING.

It goes without saying that literally every person mentioned in this article exists within Taylor Swift’s intimate circles, so I’m sure Urban won’t give a shit if Bridgers jokes about his video. If anything, he probably feels bad. All we wanted to do was share a cute little moment he had with his wife, and to me, that’s adorable.