Fans Reckon An Interview With Phoebe Bridgers Had A Big Detail About Paul Mescal Edited Out

Phoebe Bridgers performing at Primavera Sound Festival and Paul Mescal wearing black suit jacket and cream shirt

Hold onto your skeleton shirts folks ‘cos a very intriguing detail about Paul Mescal in a recent Vogue Australia interview with Phoebe Bridgers is doing the rounds on TikTok and it has folks in a frenzy.

Anything related to Paul Mescal, my husband, is essentially my Bat-Signal so you best believe this piqued my interests.

Vogue Australia published an interview with Bridgers on February 3, which mainly discussed her creative process and style.

There was also a tidbit about the singer’s taste in books and flicks.

“The days are occupied too by literature—currently George Saunders‘ Liberation Day—and film; Bridgers singles out A24’s Everything, Everywhere, All At Once as ‘the coolest thing ever’ to grace the awards season circuit, and remarks that, ‘obviously’, she’s rooting for ‘Mr. Paul Mescal in Aftersun‘ at the upcoming Oscars, ‘for sure’,” the interview read.

Now, this in and of itself is hardly tea. Everything, Everywhere, All At Once is certainly a killer film and while there’s been loads of speculation about Bridgers’ and Mescal’s relationship status, it makes sense that she’d still want him to take home a statue of a wee shiny gold man. She is a supportive sweetie, after all.

The interesting thing about the interview comes by way of a TikTok from Sarah Smith (@sarah_smitherz), which was uploaded in the wee hours of Monday morning.

In the video, Smith shared a screenshot which appeared to be from the Vogue Australia interview — this time, however, the sentence about Mescal read: “And remarks that, ‘obviously’, she’s rooting for former fiancée ‘Mr. Paul Mescal in Aftersun‘at the upcoming Oscars, ‘for sure’.”

@sarah_smitherz And some of y’all thought I was crazy for saying they broke up #greenscreen #phoebebridgers #paulmescal #celebengagement #celebbreakups #foryou ♬ original sound – Sarah Smith

A “former fiancée”, you say? I am quaking in my finest skeleton-print tinfoil hat.

PEDESTRIAN.TV is not suggesting Vogue Australia deleted the phrase from its article, nor that Smith doctored the screenshot.

Folks on TikTok are in a tizzy, however, and believe that Vogue Australia edited the very telling detail out.

“I J [sic] WENT TO THE ARTICLE IT DOESNT [sic] SAY THE FORMER FIANCÉ PART ANYMORE,” one person wrote. The capital letters really add to the excitement and intrigue of the situation.

Vogue removed that phrase from the article what is this life,” another said.

“They edited it when I went to read it. They accidentally left a double space where ‘former fiancée’ used to be,” a third said.

For the record, I checked the last comment and it would appear there is, in fact, a double space situation going on.


PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Vogue Australia for comment.