Osher Was Being His Best Sassy Binch Self On Twitter Tonight During ‘Bachelorette’

Osher Gunsberg is a hero of our times – unafraid of saying what he thinks, and always ready to shut down trolls and internet complainers.

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As you probably already knew, Osh didn’t make it for the finale episode of The Bachelorette – on account of his wife birthing their first child together and all that. Super unimportant business, etc etc.

But not being IN the episode except for 5 seconds at the start didn’t stop old mate from getting involved on Twitter tonight, nosiree.

First he sassed HIMSELF.

While also simultaneously roasting someone who implied he only did Bachie.

He’s such a spicy enchilada, god love him. Anyway, he went on to commentate the episode beautifully, and I say that with full jealousy in my heart since I *brushes shoulder* like to think I’m a pretty bang-up recapper of reality TV. But I don’t hold a candle to Osh.

But was also roasting the fuck out of himself.

But the most beautiful parts were when he shut down whingers. God I love seeing a whinger shut down. It fuels me. It fuels the soul.

And then the piece de resistance, the sledge of all sledges, the moment he became my reality TV Jesus:

BACK TO NOKIA FOR YOU, I CANNOT! Osher can you be my dad (not in a creepy way in a real way, sorry real dad).