Pls Enjoy Bachie King Osher Günsberg Roasting Zoe-Clare’s Ranga Rant On Twitter One Final Time

On last night’s episode of The Bachelor, in a disappointing turn of events, our ranga queen Zoe-Clare MacDonald was yeeted from the Bachie Mansion and it was… very anticlimactic (to say the least). A far cry from the way she entered the show, that’s for damn sure.

The iconic Bachie babe was sent packing in a shock double elimination, without so much as a proper goodbye from the other women or a lil tribute reel. The disRESPECT.

One might even say that her exit was so fkn unceremonious, it shows just how far she’s fallen.


She did, however, get a personalised goodbye message from host Osher Günsberg who took to Twitter to roast her over her ranga rant one final time.

“I for one will miss Zoe-Clare. And her hair. And her bone structure,” he tweeted, quoting her iconic debut speech.

“Zoe-Clare comma Clare,” he added.

Farewell, Zoe-Clare. Thanks for the LOLs. We sure as shit needed them in 2020’s season, more than ever.