Here Are The 6 Biggest BTS Bombshells MAFS’ Olivia Frazer Dropped In Her Spicy Instagram Q&A

olivia frazer mafs insta q&a

Grab your popcorn friends because MAFSOlivia Frazer did an Instagram Q&A last night and revealed a whole heap of behind the scenes tea. Mary Shelley is rolling in her grave over all of these Franken-edit claims.

Olivia asked her following to please be kind and send in anything they wanted to know on Monday night. Unfortunately, she received a handful of pretty hateful messages, but there were some great questions in the mix.

To kick things off, Olivia said that any question about Dom would not be answered. Fair enough to be honest. The two are grown individuals who had a brief spat on a highly-produced television show. Shit’s in the past, let’s move on.

Without further ado, here’s all the tea spilt by Olivia in her Insta Q&A (AKA Olivelations 2:5-22).

Olivia’s biggest MAFS regrets

In the Q&A Olivia opened up about how she regrets not leaving the show as soon as she “felt unsafe.”

She also claimed that “for everything I did wrong, I apologised. You guys just didn’t get to see it.”

Bring out the lost apology footage!!

Going off this idea, she elaborated that she believes MAFS edited her quite badly. To prove that she’s not as she came across on the show, she revealed that she’s friends with “all but two of the girls and all the boys”.

Would they really hang around her all the time if she was really as she seemed on TV? Much to think about.

Jackson rarely says ‘I love you’

An interesting thing to admit, but yeah.

“He doesn’t say it all the time, but when he does it makes it mean more,” said Olivia.

Good to know!?

The Jackson gym storyline ‘never happened’

According to Olivia, everything we saw about her hating on Jackson’s gym activities was “highly edited”.

“That never happened,” she said.

“I was salty filming in a gym because I thought they were trying to take the piss out of me being a former fat girl.

“So that’s why I had the shits while we were filming at the gym.

“When I said ‘he can’t do that, he’s not a frat boy’ I’m talking about him going on benders all weekend. I didn’t want to go down to Melbourne for him to go on benders.

“They were two different conversations that were edited to make me look like some evil control freak.”


Olivia claims Alessandra bullied her into saying she had no empathy

One fan asked Olivia if she actually has empathy, which people who have watched MAFS would know was a big talking point during one of the commitment ceremonies.

“I absolutely have empathy, I’ve always had empathy,” she said.

“What the viewers didn’t get to see was Alessandra had just insulted me for five minutes straight and told me all these batshit crazy ways that she thought I didn’t have empathy.

“I just wanted Alessandra to stop. Everyone knows when you get beaten down to a point when you just want someone to stop going for you and you just say anything. That’s what that was for me.”

Olivia’s opinion on the experts

According to Olivia, her opinion of the experts is “not good.”

“They don’t give any advice,” she said.

“They’re just there to solidify whatever storylines the producers are conjuring up.

“They pick somebody every week to absolutely hound at the ceremonies. I’m sure they’re nice people outside of MAFS.”

Carolina and Olivia are very close

Throughout the Q&A Olivia revealed that she loves Carolina, calling her a “mama bear”.

However, she did admit that she didn’t appreciate her treatment of Dion.

“I didn’t like the way Carolina spoke to Dion and I’ve told her that.

“You don’t have to like everything that your friends do. I like Carolina but I didn’t like that.”