Nicki Minaj Slams Tiffany Haddish For Roasting Fifth Harmony On-Stage At The VMAs

The 2018 MTV VMA awkward moments continue as Tiffany Haddish just made a joke that went down like a lead fkn balloon and resulted in her getting dragged on-stage by Nicki Minaj.

When the comedian got up to present an award, she threw major shade at Fifth Harmony who disbanded earlier this year by congratulating Camila Cabello (who backed the fuck out of the band in 2016) on her nominations and referred to her former band mates as her fans.

“For those of you watching at home.. Hiiiiiiii Fifth Harmony,” she said in a v. condescending manner.

Cabello, bless her, didn’t take the shady bait and shook her head at the mean AF joke.

Check it out below:

And Cammy wasn’t the only one who wasn’t having the shade as when Nicki Minaj later got up to accept her reward she called Haddish out and praised 5H singer Normani.

“Don’t be coming for Fifth Harmony because Normani is that bitch,” she said, looking at Tiffany.

It was v. v. v. Miley what’s good, lemme tell ya.

Suss it out below:

Minaj is on the warpath RN and she’s causing a whole lotta beef at the VMA Awards.

After the ‘Bed’ singer went off on Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner over the rapper’s album charting higher due to his GF’s social media presence, the VMA peeps reportedly had to rearrange the seating plan so that Minaj was seated on the opposite side of the room as her rivals.

If anyone’s in the mood to start shit with Nicki Minaj, might I suggest not…?