Just Footage Of Kylie Jenner Hauling Ass At The VMAs To Avoid Nicki Minaj

Ever bumped into your bat shit ex at a bar? Maybe you’ve been having dinner with pals and your old boss who made your life hell appears at the next table. Or even that time when you were at a party and your arch nemesis pulls up. Sucks, right? Well imagine being an A-lister and having this happen to you for the whole world to see. Unfortunately this was Kylie Jenner‘s reality at the VMAs a few days back.

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Gossip lovers (myself included) knew something was gonna down at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards when an all out Twitter war transpired between sass queen Nicki Minaj and Travis Scott the day prior.

Minaj claimed that the only reason Scott’s album beat hers to number one was because of his reality star GF, forcing the VMAs peeps to rearrange the seating plan at the event so that the power couple were no longer seated near their bitter rival.

While it appeared that both parties had gotten away from the event unscathed, a video has surfaced via gossip mongers TMZ that shows Kylie strutting down the red carpet and spotting Minaj coming her way.

The fear in her eyes is palpable as she back tracks, seemingly asking a lady in black (perhaps her publicist or a VMAs rep) if she can go the other way to avoid a run in with the savage singer.

Meanwhile, the crowd can be heard chanting Nicki’s name as she sashays down the red carpet as Jenner flees.

Cop the brutal footage below:


Good thing Kylizzle avoided Minaj ‘coz she appeared to be on the rampage that night.

When comedian Tiffany Haddish threw shade at the now defunct Fifth Harmony, Nicki clapped back while receiving an award.

“Don’t be coming for Fifth Harmony because Normani is that bitch,” she said, looking at Tiffany.

I said it the other day and I’ll say it again: no one test Nicki Minaj RN.

The woman is on the warpath.