A coupla days back, Miley Cyrus performed a few new tracks from her upcoming album including a shady bop called ‘Cattitude’ which features what appears to be a Nicki Minaj diss lyric.

“I love you Nicki, but I listen to Cardi,” she sings, seemingly taking Cardi B’s side in the almighty feud AND getting payback on her rival for the “Miley, what’s good?” debacle at the 2015 MTV VMAs.

Speaking on Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp, Miley was probed about raising the beef between both her and Nicki and Cardi and Nicki and she deflected like a goddamn ninja.

“I don’t think there is beef now anymore,” she began. Actually, one of my songs says ‘You want to know if we’re really beefin’? There’s no beef. I’m a vegan.'”

She went on to bring up her own experiences with fellow ex-Disney stars to explain what she meant by comparing the rappers.

“I think you’re allowed to enjoy two artists that fill a similar lane. I just always grew up collaborating with Selena and Demi, and there was never competition. That’s why Ariana is one of my best friends. When you are authentically yourself, no one can be you.”

She continues: “So, you’re never worried about someone stealing your place because it can’t be taken because you’re the only one. I think what they do is so different from each other. That’s why they both get a crown. They don’t have to share. They don’t have to break it in half. There’s no reason to fight over it. They’re both queens. And anytime you want to feel powerful and strong, that’s my go-to, Cardi and Nicki.”

Notice how she addressed the beef between Cardi and Nicki and not her own issues with Nicki?

Sneaky, Miley. I see what you did there.


Image: Getty Images