Travis Scott Reportedly Separated From Nicki Minaj At VMAs Following Twitter Beef

The annual MTV Video Music Awards are officially underway and in true VMA fashion, the air is rife with drama and I’m lapping up every single wiff. The current beef is going down between Nicki Minaj and power couple Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott who had a bit of a scrap on Twitter yesterday.

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In case ya missed the drama, Nicki went on one of her classic social media rants to call out fellow rapper Travis Scott for beating her on the album sales front which she attributed to his reality star GF Kylizzle.

Cop the savagery in its entirety below:

To make matters awkward, the ‘Bed’ singer was reportedly set to be seated directly in front of the controversial couple at the award ceremony, according to the seating cards via TMZ.

However, a new report reveals that the seating plan was changed following Minaj’s online outburst which now places the angry singer on the opposite side of the room to her enemies.

Check out the original seating plan right here.

It bears mentioning that the mama and papa of bb Stormi are now sat next to Nicki’s other rival Cardi B who is known to be mates with the Kar-Jenner klan.

An insider told the gossip mongers that the change in the seating arrangement was for the purpose of “avoiding bad optics”, but if you ask me the movement feeds the drama as there now appears to be a ‘we hate Nicki Minaj’ fan club in the same area.

No word yet as to whether the rivals have crossed paths but stay tuned for more tea.