Which My Mum Your Dad Couples Are Still Together In 2023? 


Australia’s most wholesome reality dating TV show My Mum,Your Dad has sadly come to an end for Season Two. Here are all the pairs who’ve made it beyond the lights, camera and action.

When it comes to reality TV, you either get really chaotic, toxic vibes — I’m looking at you, Married At First Sight — or super sweet, wholesome vibes. Thankfully, My Mum, Your Dad is the latter.

If you’ve never watched this absolute darling of a series, it is a reality TV dating show where kiddos set up their parents on dates in some lavish mansion on a rich estate. One of the bigger twists is that the parents are unaware that the kids are watching their every move in a secret room decked out with TV screens that are playing live feeds of the house.

Obviously, with kids spying on their parents, it could lead to some “aww” moments and some “ick, cringe, get it out of my face” content. Regardless, it is still a super warm show.

So, to give you a quick insight into how the couples are doing this season, here’s a quick guide on which couples are still together.

Shannon and Kim

Gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss. Image: Nine

Shannon and Kim were once a bit of a golden couple, but things took a turn when Shannon’s daughter Katie overheard Kim complain about Shannon being clingy and needy.

Katie was super upset about the comments and labelled them “mocking”. She decided she wouldn’t be giving Kim her blessing, and it all fell apart from there.

When they were asked if they would like to continue to date on episode 7 — the episode before the finale — Shannon gave a “very loving no”.

“As amazing as this experience has been, it’s come to a close,” Kim agreed.

Shannon told 9Entertainment that the fallout was inevitable once their kids revoked their blessings, especially because Kim refused to accept any wrongdoing and accused Kate of having “filtered [the comment] in her brain” before she “spat it out”.

Kudos to Shannon for believing his daughter though, what a king. He defended her and wow, the daddy issues hurt with this one.

“Kate was really upset, so I confronted Kim and Kim refused to acknowledge it,” he said.

“So I said, ‘You’re a lovely girl but I don’t think this will work for us’.”

Needless to say, these two seem well and truly over. A sneaky peek does show they follow each other on Instagram, but they follow the other contestants too.

Ben and Rebecca

The face of mischief. Image: Nine

In the lead-up to the grand finale, things have appeared to be going well for the two, with a preview revealing Bec wants to introduce Ben to her family.

When it was lights out, the two also decided to sneak a cheeky cuddle and smooch session by sneaking into bed together. So it seems like the pair are getting it on— uh, we mean, along. Getting along.

These two were in for a dramatic Blessing Ceremony. While Ben’s kids Jasmine and Jaxon were on board with their dad’s union with Bec, her daughter Gracie didn’t seem to be totally on board. But after a heart-to-heart with her mum, she gave the couple her blessing.

As for making it outside of the show, unfortunately, Ben doesn’t have any cheeky IG account to snoop on. However, Bec (@rebecca.fisher.3110) does, but she doesn’t have any photos except for the beautiful Aboriginal flag, which is also her profile picture.

Strong winds blew us to the tagged part of her pics, which had no sign of Ben. Ruh roh. There are a few pics of Bec alongside other cast members of My Mum, Your Dad, including Nadia and Kim.

However, just after the finale, Gracie shared a reel posted by the official Your Mum, My Dad IG. She captioned the vid, which featured her, Jasmine and Jaxon, with “triplets!”.

Following the finale, the pair told Nine that they were going long distance.

“He travels a fair bit, so when he gets some time off and gets back in Australia we’ll then have some time together. It will be nice to see where that relationship can grow,” Bec said.

Seems pretty promising, no?

Nadia and Masi

Star-crossed lovers vibes. Image: Nine.

Throughout the season, Nadia and Masi have clearly been really into each other, but both of their children are unsure if the relationship can survive the real world because of Nadia’s family and Muslim heritage, which might be a problem given Masi is not Muslim.

Despite their religious and cultural differences, they received blessings from their kids and decided to leave the show together.

Whilst sleuthing through their Instagram profiles — which were both quite scarce in content, but expected due to the reality TV show — Nadia (@mama_asmarina) posted a TV Week article that discussed her reservations about the relationship and her fears of having to choose between Masi or her family due to her religious beliefs. This topic of clashing cultures was also explored during the episode before the blessing ceremony.

Honestly, their date before the big finale is giving us a good feeling about the pair. They also currently follow each other on IG, so maybe we’re bound to get a hard launch post soon.

Good feelings for the couple with the good hair.

Dani and Wes

Cuties! Image: Nine

Dani and Wes, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. This pair is honestly our favourite ‘cos they’re so darn cute throughout the experiment.

The chemistry is absolutely there between the two, and they really should’ve taken up the opportunity for a cheeky private cuddle when the offer was on the table in the seventh episode

“Our bodies are definitely reacting to one another,” Dani said in the episode before the finale. “Wes went off to his bedroom and I went off to mine, cause we’re keeping it PG…”


Wes also implied he would like to put a ring on Dani’s finger, which is HUGE.

Snooping now on their social media, Wes has two accounts and on the second (@wes_milson) only follows 27 people on IG… and out of all of them, the only fellow contestant is Dani (@dani__lyons).

Plus, in an interview with Chattr, their fellow castmate Janine spilled the tea that these two are going still strong.

Simmo and Janine

The vibes are just off here. Image: Nine

Janine and Simmo have been a bit of a slow burn but things turned naughty when he gave her a huge smooch — tongue and all. Whether there’s longevity here is another story.

They do have chemistry, but their kids have expressed a bit of doubt about it all, which is never a good sign. Janine’s daughter Tiarn has said she reckons her mum would back away if she told her to, and simultaneously said there were a few issues that were weighing on her mind.

As for social media and where they are at now, a snoop of IG and Reddit brings up nothing on the pair, and there’s not a whiff of them on the interwebs.

In an interview with Chattr, Janine revealed that they had a six-day romance before calling it quits.

“He came and stayed for six days. We spent a lot of time together,” she said.

“I showed him all around my local area. We went out to dinner, had coffee. We did a lot. I probably knew on day five, that I wasn’t after a romantic connection with him as such.”

However, in the same interview with Chattr, Janine said that the only couple still together is Dani and Wes, and the other couples have “gone on a different path.”

Interesting, very interesting.

Who has been eliminated from My Mum Your Dad?

These are all the couples that have made it to the episode before the My Mum Your Dad finale, but there were others that were eliminated along the way.

Boss left after he outed himself as the villain of the season by bitching about Donna, which upset his daughter Chloe.

Donna and Michelle and also sadly left after not matching with anyone.

Where can you watch the My Mum Your Dad finale?

The My Mum Your Dad grand finale aired Monday (November 20) on Channel. 9. You can also stream it on 9Now, which also has the rest of the episodes.