A Modern Family Star Has Confirmed A Spin-Off’s Been Written & The Storyline Sounds Fkn Sick

Iconique sitcom Modern Family wrapped itself up in a neat little package last year, but apparently said package may soon be opened again ‘cos a spin-off has been written.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who played gay lawyer Mitch, told Entertainment Tonight that a script has been penned for a spin-off.

“The script’s out there and it’s very good,” he said.

“So, you know, who knows? If someone wants to produce it, maybe.”

Ferguson previously told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that “there were discussions” for a spin-off.

“We had been on for 11 years. I think they were ready to move in a different direction.”

But the fact that a legit script has been written means it’s that much closer to actually taking off!

Meanwhile Eric Stonestreet, who played Mitch’s partner Cam Tucker, previously confirmed the idea of a Modern Family spin-off to PEOPLE, but noted that the show seemed unlikely.

“I think there was an opportunity for a spin-off,” said Stonestreet. “But I think that window closed.”

Apparently the Modern Family spin-off follows Mitchell, Cam, Lily and their new baby as they moved to Missouri.

As you’ll remember, the series finale saw the couple sell their California home so Cam could live out his dream of being a college football coach.

Modern Family ran from 2009 to 2020 for a total of 11 seasons. It’s now streaming on Foxtel Now.