A Quiet Place Already Has A Spin-Off Movie In The Works So It’s A Whole-Ass Universe Now

Like CLOCKWORK, A Quiet Place is being spun into a whole-ass universe with a spin-off movie already in the works.

This latest bit of news comes just as A Quiet Place II does its thing at the cinemas and by thing I mean a USD $48 million weekend debut in a pandemic-plagued world.

The second movie finds the Abbott family journeying to the outside world in search of other survivors, after their run-in with those fucked creatures that hunt by sound at their family home.

Film numero troi has already been penciled into the calendar by distributor Paramount for March 31, 2023. While the exact plot is under lock and key, the film is apparently a spin-off, not a threequel, based on some characters from A Quiet Place II. 

John Krasinski, who starred in and directed the movies, came up with the story for the third film, but isn’t returning to direct.

Instead, Krasinski will be replaced by writer-director Jeff Nichols. He helmed the critically acclaimed 2011 film Take Shelter and the 2012 film Mud, so I reckon movie #3 is in safe hands.

Krasinski told Rotten Tomatoes that Nichols just handed in the script for the third movie a few days ago, so the gears do be in motion.

A Quiet Place II co-stars Krasinski’s real-life wife Emily Blunt, Noah JupeCillian Murphy, and Millicent Simmonds.

In an interview with PEDESTRIAN.TV, Simmonds spoke about what the film means to the deaf community, especially as a deaf actor herself.

Cast as Regan Abbott, the deaf teenage daughter of Krasinski and Blunt’s characters, Simmonds praised the pair for doing an “amazing job”.

“They took on a fight for me and for deaf actors,” she said.

“They wanted to make it authentic, and they wanted the story to be real. And I think that what we’re representing is a real deaf perspective.”

You can read our full interview with the actor right here.

A Quiet Place II is in cinemas nationwide now.